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Women in Technology

A community for all professionals in IT dedicated to encouraging and empowering women who are currently working in the technology sector.

Flavia Sales

Flavia Sales Marketing Manager at Finboot

She has the power: Women Leaders in Sustainability and Energy Transition

A just transition to net-zero is impossible without sustainable mindsets fuelling sustainable strategies. But who is responsible for shaping this thinking? Research suggests women have a huge part to play. According to a 2021 GreenBiz Report, there has been a significant increase in women taking up sustainability leadership roles in recent years. ...

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Farnoush Mirmoeini

Farnoush Mirmoeini Co-founder at KYC Hub

Embracing Equity – are we there yet?

This year’s theme for International Women’s Day is #EmbraceEquity as a way to raise gender equality and create a world free of bias or stereotypes. So where do we stand on this today? What’s it like in 2023 to be a woman in industries such as tech or financial services? I was shocked to come across a report from the World Economic Forum that showed...

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Jamel Derdour

Jamel Derdour CMO at Transact365 / Nucleus365

Why the Fintech Industry Must Prioritise Gender Inclusivity this International Women's Day

Written by Anjulie Patel, VP of Partnerships at Nucleus365 With International Women’s Day looming it’s time to analyse our sector’s gender dynamics, where we’re underperforming and where we can do better. The fintech industry has a gender problem. In 2021, Deloitte research showed that only 30% of the UK’s fintech workforce was female, and only 17...

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Jonathan Westley

Jonathan Westley Chief Data Officer, Experian UK & EMEA at Experian

Why aren’t more women considering a career working in data?

As the global economy has become increasingly digital, the importance of data related skills in commerce has grown. At Experian we employ thousands of data engineers, data scientists, data analysts, to name just a few of the roles we rely upon to drive our business. But it’s not just data companies that are looking for people to support their ambi...


Retired Member

Retired Member 

Addressing the gender gap in functional roles in Europe

While gender representation has certainly seen an overall improvement in the world of work over the past few years, the question remains whether it has had an impact in business leadership yet. Recent data shows that across the FTSE 100, there are three times more female employees today compared to ten years ago, up from 12.5% to 39.1% over the

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Elizabeth Lumley

Elizabeth Lumley Global FinTech Commentator at Girl, Disrupted

Trust me, it's not a secret

A female CEO, of a shit hot FinTech company, needs to change her name back to her maiden name because investor after VC routinely ignored her in favour of her co-founder (who also happens to be her husband). A young Oxford graduate, who founded a small FinTech startup with her friends emails to ask 'How can I be a women in Fintech - when I feel so...


Retired Member

Retired Member 

Are women bad networkers?

Are women bad networkers? In my opinion the answer to this question is, of course, no. At womenintechnology we organise lots of networking events which are always very popular. There was a piece in the Times recently entitled ‘why are women such bad networkers?’ that, understandably, grabbed my attention! Its overall message is: women aren’t confi...

Retired Member

Retired Member 

Male vs female boss

I recently asked a simple question to readers of my blog - do you prefer a male or female boss? With all the stories about female on female bullying and the lack of women in leadership positions, I thought this was a very relevant question. The result? Almost half (44%) said they preferred a male boss. So does that mean the majority preferred a f

Elizabeth Lumley

Elizabeth Lumley Global FinTech Commentator at Girl, Disrupted

Love News Corp. or leave it

The latest re-organisation of Dow Jones by Murdoch's News Corp. did not leave a place for market data veteran Clare Hart. Management reshuffles are nothing new in any industry. A press release is issued with the top brass thanking the departing exec for 'all their years of service' and contribution to the growth of the company -yada yada yada... I...

Retired Member

Retired Member 

Is it the end of the road for women's networks?

Is it the end of the road for women’s networks? Elizabeth Harrin from The Glass Hammer blog wrote an interesting piece last week based on this question after attending an event hosted by Morgan Stanley, which I also happened to go to. It’s certainly an interesting question – women’s groups, networks etc always seem to be a controversial topic as m...

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