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Innovation in Financial Services

A discussion of trends in innovation management within financial institutions, and the key processes, technology and cultural shifts driving innovation.

Jose Pierre

Jose Pierre CEO at Marketware International, Inc.

Quantum Computing, AI: Unleashing the Power of the Future

In the realm of cutting-edge technologies, two groundbreaking fields have captured significant attention: quantum computing and artificial intelligence (AI). While they are distinct in nature, both possess immense potential to revolutionize businesses, particularly within the financial sector, including asset management, wealth management, banking...

/devops /markets

Ritesh Jain

Ritesh Jain Founder at Infynit / Former COO HSBC

Beyond Disruption: Fostering Growth and Innovation Without Sacrificing Existing Businesses

Over the last few decades, "disruption" has become a prevailing mantra in the business world. Companies have been urged to disrupt industries, disrupt competitors, or even disrupt themselves to innovate and grow. Disruption is often seen as synonymous with innovation, and it is no wonder it has become a widely discussed topic. Whether

/payments /crypto

Bo Harald

Bo Harald Chairman/Founding member, board member at Transmeri, Demos, Real Time Economy Program,MyData

ChatGTP quite good at shortening my earlier post

Governments and enterprises will adopt a global trust infrastructure, resulting in citizens and organizations receiving general-purpose identity wallets that can obtain, deliver, and pass on verified data for a wide range of life events based on principles. The architecture is outlined in, and the trust layer in the ar

/retail /identity

Christopher Colley

Christopher Colley Industry-recognized CX leader at Financial Services

Downturns — when customer experience really matters.

Five economic outcomes for financial services We are in a watershed moment for financial services. Following the abrupt failure of Silicon Valley Bank — the largest collapse of a U.S. Bank since 2008 — and the extraordinary sell-off that brought Credit Suisse to the brink, it is increasingly clear the tumult of recent years is not yet over. Indee...

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Retired Member

Retired Member 

Up-and-Coming Payments Security and Fraud Prevention Tools

In recent years, online shopping and electronic payments have become increasingly popular, leading to a rise in payment fraud. Cybersecurity has become a top priority in the payments industry, as fraudsters use new schemes to exploit the growing e-commerce industry. Faster non-cash payments and the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies have also...

/security /payments

Bo Harald

Bo Harald Chairman/Founding member, board member at Transmeri, Demos, Real Time Economy Program,MyData

Proud of the Nordics - worried about the Single Market

I have been acting as an independent advisor for the Findyconsortium in Finland (now the public-private Findynet co-operative) since it started in 2018. It aims at implementing a trust infrastructure based on Self-Sovereign Identity and the Trust over IP architecture. Here all citizens, all organisations and many things will get general purpose fa...

/retail /identity

Abhinav Paliwal

Abhinav Paliwal CEO at PayNet Systems

India Is Testing UPI For International Tourists

UPI is a system that bunches multiple bank accounts into a single mobile application enabling P2P and P2M fund transfers. India central bank RBI enabled UPI to be now be available for visitors from #G20 countries, who are travelling to India from abroad. This is how it will work 👇 Once your passport and visa will be physically validated - After...

/payments /retail

Péter Ekler

Péter Ekler Head of Future Technology at Zenitech

AR and VR could revolutionise customer experience in the fintech sector

One of the things I love about my research is talking to organisations about how technology will change the way they do things in the future, and then working with my team to create technology to prove concepts. We think about the direction technology is going in, and what that means for organisations right now. In financial services, one of the ...


Shaju Nair

Shaju Nair Payments SME, Product Manager at Temenos

Fault lines in the Modern Financial System

It brings me grief when I hear people refer to CBDC as being just another form of digital money or just another mobile application for making payments when in reality there is a world of difference with CBDC being sovereign money (as is notes and coins) controlled and guaranteed by central bank and backed by assets, once upon a time gold itself, ...

/payments /wholesale

Kevin Davis

Kevin Davis Global CTO of AWS Business at Atos

Debunking 3 Myths of the Cloud

Cloud adoption has been embraced by companies with 94% using some form of cloud computing in their operations in 2022. One of the best business decisions organisations can currently make is to no longer contribute to leases on large and expensive data centres and instead, kick-start cloud migration. However, despite the perks, many are still hesi...

/cloud /devops

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