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A discussion of trends in innovation management within financial institutions, and the key processes, technology and cultural shifts driving innovation.

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David Brown

How flexible pay can boost UK's productivity

The UK economy is struggling amid a cost-of-living crisis with millions of households in economic hardship. The change of leadership with the appointment of Rish Sunak as prime minister has raised dis...

26 Oct 2022
Anthony Walton

ISO20022: global messaging standard takes centre stage at Sibos

Since its launch more than 40 years ago, SWIFT’s international banking operations seminar (Sibos) has become renowned as the go-to gathering for anyone seeking to understand the latest developments in...

21 Oct 2022
Niall Haughey

P2P Greeniums in the Agriculture sector

Peer to Peer or P2P models in Fintech were one of the earliest to take hold post Financial Crisis. Some companies flourished and some got stuck. The asset base of Agriculture lends itself quite well ...

17 Oct 2022
Niall Haughey

This SPAC proposal spells the end of the beginning for Fintech in Agriculture

Embedded finance and retail go hand in hand and this is no different in Ag retail. Correct Agriculture Retail. This is important as this sector is worth $56bn in North America alone and some estimates...

06 Oct 2022
Steve Morgan

AI and Intelligent Automation is Key for Banks to Help Navigate Inflationary Stormy Weather

Six months ago preparing for SIBOS, the biggest elephant in the room for what’s keeping bankers up at night was probably sanctions. How Western governments have ratcheted up sanctions against Russians...

29 Sep 2022
Steve Morgan

Why banks considering coding their own applications should think again

Any bank that wants to create applications, for everything from sending customers a newsletter to onboarding a new client, may think hard coding is the best thing to do or the only option they have. ...

22 Sep 2022
Steve Morgan

The value of frictionless banking

It goes without saying that today’s consumers expect activities like making a payment or checking their bank balance to be as easy and fast as possible. But the ongoing cost of living crisis also mean...

14 Sep 2022
Bo Harald

Banks have it all - reposted

Blog nbr 400. The benefits of moving faster to a Data-driven Economy are clear. The mission in short: better service, mega-shift in productivity, sustainability through less waste and CO2, fact-based...

07 Sep 2022
Arun Kannan

Digital Member Experience in Superannuation

Background In recent years, the Financial Services Industry has gone through a rapid and significant digital transformation journey. The need for digital technology experiences is gaining momentum in ...

06 Sep 2022
Steve Morgan

Innovation in Banking: Harnessing People and Technology

Go to the websites of the big High Street Banks and you come across pages devoted to innovation and technology. That’s no surprise when banks have sped up their digitisation programmes following COVI...

19 Aug 2022

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