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Challenges in E-commerce: the battle for conversion

Eddie Harrison

Eddie Harrison Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Navro

Five steps to tackle the payments challenges of fast-growing E-commerce Businesses

With many consumers still feeling the squeeze of the cost-of-living crisis, retailers are increasingly looking to e-commerce marketplaces to drive revenue. It's easy to see the draw; marketplaces require lower upfront costs compared to setting up a standalone online platform, provide access to a larger pool of potential customers, and increase the...

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Günther Vogelpoel

Günther Vogelpoel CEO at Recharge

How Digital Gift Cards Have Transformed the E-commerce Industry

Gift cards have been a mainstay in the traditional retail industry since their inception in the 30s, first introduced as ‘gift certificates’. They become the reliable go-to grab at the checkout counter, nestled beside the payment tills, waiting for that last-minute gift panic to strike. How times have changed. Now, digital top-up payment cards ar...

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Retired Member

Retired Member 

Chargebacks in 2023: What Do Merchants Need?

In terms of chargeback support, what do merchants need? The answer to that question varies, as every business faces its own unique problems. Moreover, the chargeback process is complex and ever-changing. That makes it hard to determine effective response strategies. To provide a greater understanding of merchant needs, Justt recently released a n...

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Galit Shani-Michel

Galit Shani-Michel VP Payments at Forter

From Payment Optimisation to Personalisation

Customers expect their entire purchase journey to be seamless, smooth and feel part of a coherent, cohesive whole. Payments professionals are increasingly stepping up to the broader challenge, expanding their vision beyond a narrow focus on payment to include aspects of the customer journey that might otherwise fall through the cracks. The result ...


Galit Shani-Michel

Galit Shani-Michel VP Payments at Forter

PSD3: 4 Real Problems Addressed, Yet 1 Big Opportunity Missed

Now that the first draft of the proposed PSD3 regulation has been released, there is a significant amount of interest in data sharing between banks and third-party organisations. PSD3, in its current guise, raises several questions around its impact on online credit card payments, fraud, and conversion rates. Yes, the draft proposal addresses fou...

/payments /regulation

Eli Talmor

Eli Talmor CEO at ID-Bound

E-Commerce on social media and Fraud Prevention.

Introduction. Many people and businesses sell products through social media platforms. It's a common practice and can be quite successful. To get started, you'll typically need to create a business profile or page on the platform, showcase your products, engage with your audience, and set up a way for customers to make purchases, such as through a...

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Eddie Harrison

Eddie Harrison Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Navro

The neglected middle: how international payments systems are failing the majority of marketplaces

How do ecommerce marketplaces move money across borders efficiently, securely, and cost effectively? The answer to this question will vary according to the size of the organisation. For small marketplaces dealing in payment volumes of less than $50 million there's really only one option: leveraging local service providers and the SWIFT interbank ...

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Austin Puthur James

Austin Puthur James Enterprise Solution Consultant at FIS

Key Considerations for a better Retail Payments Strategy

The Retail industry is facing challenges to gain and maintain the cost of payments due to internal and external factors. The margins had gone down as consumer spending has decreased due to unstable economic conditions. In this situation, I believe optimising the payment is very critical for the success of the business. Payments are the core of any...

/payments /retail

Hay Yip

Hay Yip Chief Operating Officer at FundPark

eCommerce is crucial to Asia’s economic prospects: how we could collaborate to accelerate its growth

While global eCommerce has passed its COVID induced peak, the sector is still on track to expand for the foreseeable, growing a further 10.4% this year with global sales reaching US$6.3 trillion according to eMarketer. Asia is also expected have the lion’s share of this growth with over US$2 trillion[1] in sales. Zooming into Southeast Asia, the ...

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Chris Principe

Chris Principe CEO at APB, Inc.

Dream On, Bitcoin

The dream of bitcoin is not just about fulfilling the fantasies you have in your brain when shutting your eyes. The reality of bitcoin is about not giving up on that dream. That means doing the work necessary to make the promises of bitcoin come true. That means keeping pushing until the bitcoin dream become a truth. The time is now to wake up and...

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