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Alternative Investments

Discussions of alternative investment strategies and assets and news of new developments in the alternative investment space.

Naina Rajgopalan

Naina Rajgopalan Content Head at Freo

The Global Future Forecast and Trends of REIT Industry

The global REIT market is experiencing steady growth. According to the recent market reports, the market size is reaching an impressive $3.5 trillion in 2022 and is estimated to reach USD 4.2 trillion by 2027, growing at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 2.8% from 2022. Recent News Impacting the REIT Industry The REIT industry has been shape...

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Raj Bakhru

Raj Bakhru CEO at BlueFlame AI

Buy vs. Build: How to make informed decisions as you invest in AI

Generative AI: Navigating the Landscape In today's dynamic financial services market, generative AI stands at the forefront of technological advancement and innovation, offering unprecedented opportunities for growth and efficiency. As AI continues to gain traction, a critical question confronts businesses: Should they invest in a ready-made AI s...

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Serhii Bondarenko

Serhii Bondarenko Artificial Intelegence at Tickeron

The Swing Trader's Playbook: Thriving in Volatile Markets

Swing Trader Pro merges cutting-edge AI with aggressive trading strategies, offering a blend of innovative and traditional technical indicators designed by experts. This platform focuses on volatile stocks for traders seeking significant returns from short to medium-term market fluctuations. Emphasizing technical analysis and the importance of fun...

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Serhii Bondarenko

Serhii Bondarenko Artificial Intelegence at Tickeron

Trio of Must-Have Artificial Intelligence Tools for Trading in the Stock Market

In the ever-changing world of financial markets, the integration of technology has been a catalyst for innovation and efficiency, reshaping how investments are managed and decisions are made. Among the technological advancements revolutionizing this sector, three artificial intelligence tools stand out: Trend Search, Pattern Search, and AI Bots. T...

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Serhii Bondarenko

Serhii Bondarenko Artificial Intelegence at Tickeron

AI Learns How to Compare Crypto

In an era marked by economic and geopolitical upheaval, the Crypto market faces unparalleled volatility. Investors and traders, now more than ever, seek dependable tools for in-depth financial analysis. Spearheading this need is Tickeron Inc., an AI-driven trading tools innovator, led by Sergey Savastiouk, Ph.D., CEO and Founder. The company's lat...

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Ravishankar Poonjolai

Ravishankar Poonjolai Consulting Partner at TCS

Alternative Investments for Retail Investors – Current Status

Alternative investments such as private equity, private debt, and real estate are long term in nature with higher fund management charges and a complex structure. So, they are more suitable for institutional investors for the additional growth potential than peers in public. Hence retail investors also want to include alternatives in their overall...

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Raj Bakhru

Raj Bakhru CEO at BlueFlame AI

Mapping the AI Path for Alternative Investment Managers

Alternative investment managers recognize the potential of AI and have spent 2023 experimenting with the multiple tools available. Unfortunately, while everyone has seen the power of ChatGPT and personal tools, most have struggled with how to make this usable in their work lives. In many cases there have not been clearly enough defined objectives,...

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Eli Talmor

Eli Talmor CEO at ID-Bound

$500 Billion Problem Seeking for a Solution.

Let me start with an innocent question: Is it expected that someone buys Airline Ticket for somebody else? Yes, it is standard practice for someone to buy an airline ticket for somebody else. People often purchase airline tickets as gifts for family members, friends, or colleagues traveling for various reasons, such as vacations, business trips, fa...

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Foday Joof

Foday Joof Risk Management Officer at Central Bank of The Gambia

Valuable Insights from The Gambia Government's Asset Recycling Agreement with AFRICA50

Introduction: The Gambia government embraced the Asset Recycling (AR) scheme of Africa50, an infrastructural investment platform established by 33 African governments, the Africa Development Bank, the Central Bank of West African States and Bank Al-Maghrib. The deal entails a $100 million for the recycling of the famous Senegambia Bridge for a per...

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Simon Dimoni

Simon Dimoni Remittance and Crypto Payments at HollaPay

Australia's Potential as a Crypto Capital: A Guide for Family Offices and Hedge Funds

Australia's rapid rise from a convict colony to a regional financial powerhouse has captured the attention of investors worldwide. With over a dozen unicorns, including Canva, SafetyCulture, and Airwallex, and 5 of the 11 most liveable cities globally, the country is now recognized as a potential crypto capital for family offices and hedge funds i...

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