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Banking and Lending Solutions

Technology Innovations for Banks and NBFC's in Lending Operations

Adam Hughes

Adam Hughes CEO at Amount

Are banks leaving SMB lending opportunities on the table?

As financial institutions look forward to setting their strategies for 2024, many are now working under the assumption that the elevated interest rate environment will be the new normal for the foreseeable future. For the small business banking sector, things at first glance may seem particularly grim. A survey of senior loan officers by the Federa...

Abhishek Bhasin

Abhishek Bhasin Head of Product at Uplinq Financial Technologies

Path to profitable lending to small businesses, leveraging AI and contextual data

99% of all the US businesses are small businesses. These 33 million plus businesses employ more than 61 million Americans. They are hotbeds of innovation and growth engines of the economy. US SBA data shows that almost two-thirds of net new jobs over the last 25 years have been created by small businesses, approximately 13 million jobs. Even durin...

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Mayuri Jain

Mayuri Jain Senior Manager, BFSI Industry Marketing at Persistent Systems Inc.

How Customer-Centric Communication Transforms Borrower Satisfaction

From the moment a borrower expresses interest in getting a loan to the final repayment, a bank’s communication strategies shape the customer’s perception of its lending process. Many financial institutions underestimate the impact communication can have on their ability to deliver a positive experience. The moment a borrower feels confused or stre...

/people /cloud

Mayuri Jain

Mayuri Jain Senior Manager, BFSI Industry Marketing at Persistent Systems Inc.

How Modern Technology Can Transform Building Societies

Building societies are a vital part of the financial services industry, known for their mutual model that prioritizes the interests of members and local communities. Many have been serving their communities for over a century, offering innovative mortgage and savings products. However, in an era where technology evolves rapidly, staying relevant a...


John Tilzey

John Tilzey Sales Director at Finova

Keeping up in an aggregator’s world: How lenders can stay relevant in a shifting market landscape

Technology is always marching onward, and the savings sector is no exception to the rule. Over the past five years, new savings tools and platforms have spread like wildfire, each aiming to connect savings providers with better infrastructure. But the emergence of aggregators and savings platforms has added another layer of complexity, one that we...

/payments /retail

Varun Ghai

Varun Ghai AVP & Head of Business UK & Europe at Newgen Software Technologies (UK) Ltd

Adapting Low-Code Platforms: Embracing the Fail Fast, Change Fast Philosophy

If your organization is still investing “Months and Millions” in building customer journeys & process automation, then it is time to wake up. By the time your automation is ready, the time for the next change will have already come and you will be forced to ask for your next automation budget. In today's dynamic business environment, with redu...

/regulation /retail

Matt Riggall

Matt Riggall Head of Commercial Lending Vertical, Cap. Markets at FIS

Digitising the five Cs of credit

The “five Cs of credit” have stood the test of time for decades as basic guidelines for how lenders assess credit. Whether you’re assessing individual or commercial borrowers, these core criteria of capacity, character, collateral, capital and conditions are just as relevant today as they were 20 or even 30 years ago. But do the five Cs need moder...

/markets /predictions

Steve Sabin

Steve Sabin SVP, Division Executive, Lending at FIS

All change for commercial lending

From macroeconomic shifts to advances in technology, the big drivers of global change continue to have a major impact on the world of commercial lending. And in a pivotal time for the market, three trends in particular are worth your attention. 1. The lending market is generally anemic Persistently high levels of inflation have gradually taken thei...

/markets /predictions

Nick Green

Nick Green Director at Purple Patch Broking Ltd

Monitoring financial crime services: Avoiding excessive bureau fees

Financial crime damages the trust and stability that the economy relies on. As criminals use more advanced technology, there's a bigger need for smart and quick action—extending far beyond regulatory adherence. And that’s where the bureaux come in. Bureaux play a key role—using powerful tools to analyse data and spot risks before crime occurs. The...

/retail /crime

David Ratnage

David Ratnage Commercial Lending Director, Capital Markets at FIS

Digitalize to Diversify in Commercial Lending

When the going gets tough for commercial lenders, the tough get diversifying. In challenging macroeconomic conditions, there’s no guarantee your traditional customer base will weather the storm. But do you have the innovative digital technology you need to move into new markets? Some regional banks in the U.S. have already suffered the consequences...

/wholesale /markets

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