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The future of Payments in Europe

With an increase in regulations and growing involvement from multiple players, the world of payments is undergoing a disruption across the region

Ross Kolodyazhnyi

Ross Kolodyazhnyi CEO at DCM

The future is tokenized. You’re either on board or you get left behind.

If you seek the trigger to lead the next leg of the crypto "bullish" market, it won't be Ethereum ETF approval or Bitcoin halving. It will be driven by real-world assets. RWA tokenization, without exaggeration, can be called the hottest corner of the digital asset industry. The quarterly report of our partner, Stellar Development Foundati...

/payments /crypto

John Bertrand

John Bertrand MD at Tec 8 Limited

Global Instant Payments - the next big thing

Answering the question “what is the next big thing” well it is Global Instant Payments. The importance of this is ‘Elon Musk’s X now has a Money Transmitter License in 25 US States and the goal is a self-contained financial ecosystem within the X platform. Musk was behind PayPal ranked second in a report of 10 Best Online Payment 2024. While more...

/payments /retail

Ross Kolodyazhnyi

Ross Kolodyazhnyi CEO at DCM

Europe is waiting for MiCA, but we should prepare for challenges — Ross Kolodiazhnyi, CEO at DCM

After hosting a panel discussion, "Crypto Regulation Unveiled: Exploring MiCA's Global Impact," at the FIBE Fintech Festival in Berlin, I've caught myself thinking that everybody is not so excited about MiCA regulations. Will it become that magic wand to address current hurdles holding back the global adoption of blockchain and crypto as...

/regulation /startups

Ross Kolodyazhnyi

Ross Kolodyazhnyi CEO at DCM

The Next $16tn Opportunity in Crypto You Are Missing

We are on the threshold of massive financial changes, and I'm not talking about the distant future but about something happening now. In 2023, real world asset tokenization again emerged on the radars of financial institutions and investors, resulting in a new round of popularity and adoption. Why is the surge of interest actually happening? Busi...

/payments /predictions

Ross Kolodyazhnyi

Ross Kolodyazhnyi CEO at DCM

Will Stablecoins Become Invisible Rails for Payments?–Yes, They Already Do

The introduction of stablecoins has highlighted a decades-old problem: despite all the tech innovations and dynamics, the payment sector remains slow, unfair, and opaque. They pointed up the need to facilitate access to financial services and cross-border payments. But most importantly, they have come to the forefront of those changes and innovati...

/payments /predictions

Laurent Descout

Laurent Descout CEO at NEO Capital Markets

The European Parliament votes for instant payments, what does this mean for corporates?

Earlier this month, members of the European Parliament (MEPs) voted to adopt a new set of rules that will ensure transferred funds arrive immediately in the bank accounts of retail customers and businesses across the EU. This follows the landmark provisional agreement reached by the Parliament and Council late last year and requires all payment s...

/payments /startups

James Booth

James Booth VP Head of Partnerships, EMEA at PPRO

Navigating Europe’s payments landscape to tap into a thriving e-commerce industry

Supercharged by new payment technology and shifting digital behaviours amidst the pandemic lockdowns, the European e-commerce industry is now expected to hit nearly $900 billion by 2027. For any merchant hoping to expand internationally, Europe is certainly a prime region. However, despite most of the states being members of the EU and thus benefit...


Roenen Ben-Ami

Roenen Ben-Ami Chief Risk Officer at Justt

My take on Stripe's Phocuswright 2023 Panel: Can Slow EU Checkout Processes Ever Improve?

Something has to be done to reduce the gargantuan amount of time it takes European consumers on average to get through checkout on an eCommerce website. That was our main takeaway from the PhocusWright EU 2023 that took place earlier this month in Barcelona. The European eCommerce landscape is often characterized by a slow checkout process, with an...

/payments /regulation

Sergei Romanov

Sergei Romanov CPO at

5 Trends to Drive the Cross-border Remittance Industry in 2023

International money transfers are rapidly developing, and every year brings new challenges to the industry. What are the 2023 cross-border remittance trends? Embedded finance Obviously, analytics and experts have been talking about embedded finance and seamless transfers for quite a while, and in 2023 this trend keeps accelerating. The tendency o...

/payments /predictions

Kim Engman

Kim Engman Senior Director at Tietoevry Banking

Vikings don't use cash

The Nordic countries and past vikings, are virtually cashless societies in 2023. There's no need to bring cash to come visit. The Nordics (i.e., Denmark, Norway, Sweden, the Faroe Islands, Iceland and Finland) aside for being the happiest group of countries, have intensified their journey towards digital payments. Status and how they got here Even...

/payments /inclusion

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