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Digital Sales

Banks are orchestrating customer interactions with data, AI and tech, to obtain better leads and achieve higher sales conversions

Sheza Gary

Sheza Gary Project Strategiest at Self Employed

Masterworks, NFTs and the growing allure of community-driven artwork investments

The past few years have seen the world of art being taken by storm. White fine art sales have continued to be as strong as ever, two new types of investment platforms have shaken up the industry and spawned new discussions around the place of art as an alternative asset class. The Masterworks app, used to access an innovative factional blue-chip...

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Mindaugas Mikalajūnas

Mindaugas Mikalajūnas CEO at smeGo

5 things online sellers should consider before chasing venture capital

Coming up for three decades after Amazon was founded, there is still plenty of scope for new ecommerce brands — retail and B2B — to enter the market and build global scale businesses. In 2021 online retail sales alone accounted for $4.9 trillion worldwide, a total that is forecast to grow over 50% by the end of 2025. Even then, it will still only...

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Retired Member

Retired Member 

The Lance Armstrong guide to wealth management operations

Grand Tour cycling experienced a global boom in the late 90’s and early 2000’s largely down to what are now known to be chemically enhanced heroics of the disgraced rider Lance Armstrong. In the dark years when most of the Peloton was chemically turbo charged it was easy to forget that for success in a Grand Tour, such as the Tour de France, a tea...

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Steve Morgan

Steve Morgan Banking Industry Market Lead at Pegasystems

Low code raises the game on bank operations

As I have argued before, the battleground for banks is now around digital sales and service experiences. What this demands of a bank is an operational backbone that can adapt to change fast. The drivers of change are obvious. They range from changing customer behaviours, the competition from digital disruptors to the dislocations caused by pandemic...

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Retired Member

Retired Member 

Great Expectations and Unintended Consequences

History is full of simple ideas that have captured the imagination, energy and money of large groups of people, but resulted in very few actually finding a reward. A good friend of mine recently provided me with a great example that he teaches in his history classes. The Californian Goldrush started in 1848 when gold was found at Sutter's Mill in ...

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Shagun Varshney

Shagun Varshney Senior Product Manager at Signifyd

The limits of SCA and why fraud protection is more important than ever

Risk professionals and retail leaders for months have been fixated on the new strong customer authentication (SCA) requirements that arrived with PSD2 — and rightfully so. The new payments regulation, set for enforcement in the UK in March 2022, is a once-in-a-generation change with the potential to massively disrupt an enterprise or to push an ent...

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Yaroslav Kuflinski

Yaroslav Kuflinski AI/ML Observer at Iflexion

How to maintain online payment security in your B2B portal

The modern business-to-business merchants are actively embracing online retail to step up their game. Relying on B2B portal development, they build solutions that bring together business customers from around the globe, supporting a convenient and personalized purchasing experience. On the downside, the shift to ecommerce aggravated the issue with ...

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Anna Kuzmina

Anna Kuzmina Expert at Fintech

Marketplaces solving payments puzzle

We have witnessed the rise and fall of many marketplaces around the world, some got truly global, some became local leaders, others found their niches. When we say ‘marketplace’ we instantly think of Amazon, or Taobao, or Wish, or AliExpress, or Jumia, depending on your region and habits, of course. Strictly speaking, the marketplace is not a sin

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Willem Lambrechts

Willem Lambrechts Managing Director at Drebbel

How relationships change a sales funnel into a sales pipeline

“In 1898, E. St. Elmo Lewis developed a model that mapped a theoretical customer journey from the moment a brand or product attracted consumer attention to the point of action or purchase.” That is the first Google response I received when searching for “sales funnel theory started”. Funnily enough, Lewis did not talk at all about a sales funnel. ...

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Jamie Nascimento

Jamie Nascimento Chief Commercial Officer at LemonTree Software

It’s time for transparent pricing

(Words 910: 3 minute read.) The financial services software sector needs to move away from opaque pricing models. But what should we replace it with? Pricing is a murky subject at the best of times, but in the financial services software sector, it’s often like a swamp. Lift the lid on software pricing in financial services in general and you fin...

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