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SWIFT Matters

A community that concentrates on SWIFT as an important business tool in the payments and standards world.

Akhil Rao

Akhil Rao Director at Nth Exception

ISO 20022 and Machine Learning: Transforming Cross-Border Payments

In today’s interconnected economy, efficient cross-border payments are crucial for businesses and individuals alike. Yet, traditional payment methods often face challenges such as delays, high costs, and limited transparency. Fortunately, recent innovations in financial technology, notably the adoption of the ISO 20022 messaging standard and machi...

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Serkan Arslan

Serkan Arslan Sales and Business Development Director, CAMS at Fineksus

What is G20’s 2027 Vision for Cross Border Payments?

Cross-border payments play a vital role in the seamless operation of the international economy, and their significance continues to rise as the world’s economies become increasingly interlinked through digital means. These payments have been growing at a compound annual growth rate of 5%, and this growth persisted even during the challenging times...

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Terry Hubert

Terry Hubert Global Trade Strategist at Swift

The Evolution of Standards and the ISO Journey in Trade Finance

Trade finance, essential for global commerce, facilitates 80-90% of trade transactions, serving as a primary driver for economic growth. However, its heavy reliance on paper contrasts with the digital evolution seen in other financial sectors. As innovation progresses unevenly across the industry, fragmentation emerges as a significant challenge a...

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Chris Principe

Chris Principe CEO at APB, Inc.

Sibos – the Olympics of Banking

Sibos – the Olympics of Banking For over four decades, SWIFT's Sibos event has been the premier annual gathering for the global financial industry. Sibos provides a platform for banks, financial institutions, technology companies, and industry leaders to connect, share best practices, and to discuss the latest trends and challenges in the financia...

/sibos /crypto

Steve Morgan

Steve Morgan Banking Industry Market Lead at Pegasystems

Are banks ready for ISO 20022?

In today's global economy, real time payments, complete transparency and risk management are the keys to a successful payments business. Over the last few years, there have been a number of initiatives and organisations that have strived to achieve a level of standardisation for payments messaging. The decision by major central banks and SWIFT to ...

/payments /sibos

Akhil Rao

Akhil Rao Director at Nth Exception

The Global ISO 20022 Journey - Nuances, Complexities and Considerations

Standards are a cornerstone of the financial industry. For over 40 years the SWIFT MT standard has enabled industry automation, reducing the cost and risk of cross-border business, and enabling the development of the correspondent banking system on which world trade depends. Today, around 28 million MT messages are exchanged on the SWIFT network e...

/payments /regulation

Alex Simpson

Alex Simpson Publications at Mansion House Consulting

Why we should be utilising the benefits of ISO 20022

Why we should be utilising the benefits of ISO 20022 Author: Mansion House Consulting Publications ISO 20022 is finally upon us and is set to revolutionise payments and networks. Indeed, as FinExtra reported, 90% of the world’s public and private high-value networks. For the uninitiated, ISO 20022 is an ISO standard for electronic data interchang...

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Rolf Hauge

Rolf Hauge CEO at Commercial Banking Applications (CBA)

Trade Finance updates for 2021, no more delays please

I shared my thoughts this time last year about the upcoming SWIFT Releases originally scheduled for 2020 and the importance of early preparation. Earlier this year, the planned SWIFT changes for Trade Finance Category 7 for Guarantees and Standby Letters of Credit were pushed back to November 2021. This delay comes on top of an earlier postponeme...

/wholesale /predictions

Haohan Xu

Haohan Xu CEO at Apifiny

It's About Time: Disruptive Settlement Technologies Are Coming to Banks

The race is on to reinvent settlement. As customer demands for faster settlement times increase, and new technologies come online, banks are under pressure to meet their clients’ heightened needs It's been more than 20 years since the Internet’s arrival transformed the way people access information, manifested in search engines that deliver the wor...

/payments /startups

Rajiv Desai

Rajiv Desai SVP - US Operations at Pelican

Ready for ISO 20022? Make AI part of your migration toolkit

The ISO 20022 messaging standard will enable rapid payments processing and global settlement, with interoperability across many payments infrastructures. As we move closer to the migration deadline across various jurisdictions and regions, the technology challenges for managing the messaging format migration are becoming increasingly clear. As or...

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