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Ryan Clifford

Design Technologist at Fiserv
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Bio Design Technologist at Fiserv, focused on designing and building Fiserv's API platform for third party developers. Career History Experience at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, EY, Barclays and Finastra across technology, strategy, risk and product. Recent roles: API Product Manager at Barclays, Developer Relations Lead at Finastra.



The customer community: harnessing the power of sideways communication

25 Aug 2020

In a world with more customer choice than ever, retention has become one of the key business metrics – especially for SaaS businesses. A commonly quoted statistic is that it can cost five times more to attract a new customer than it does to retain an existing one. More recently research done by Bain & Company shows that increasing customer ret...


Getting personal with APIs to unlock lending

13 Aug 2020

Lending money is a risky business. The biggest challenge for any lender is how to balance service (the drive to serve as many customers as possible) with risk (the possibility of a customer defaulting on their loan payments). This calculation is made using a mix of information provided by the customer, insights from previous experience and, increas...


Building for transparency and sustainability in finance

05 Aug 2020

Financial products have a reputation for being difficult to understand when it comes to both terminology and functionality for everyday consumers. Customers often have to deal with an abundance of arcane jargon and long, convoluted application processes. One of the key goals of fintech has been to broaden access to financial products by increasing...


Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services

Machine Learning challenges in legacy organisations

14 Jul 2020

Fans of machine learning suggest it as a possible solution for everything. From customer service to finding tumours, any industry in which big data can be easily accessed, analysed and organised is ripe for bringing about new and compelling use cases. This is especially attractive for legacy organisations, such as financial services firms, looking...