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The ai Corporation and Shell partner to protect card users from fraud

The ai Corporation (ai) has extended its collaboration with Shell Business Mobility to protect Shell Card users from fraud. By combining ai’s unique, cutting-edge,Autopilot Machine Learning (APML) technology, which automates the optimisation of its anti-fraud systems, with ai’s RiskNet® fraud management platform, and its team of managed service expert analysts, ai will help to enhance Shell’s fraud detection and prevention capabilities.

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ai’s suite of unique fraud management products and alerting services help enable the global energy company to reduce the impact of fraudulent activities, including card cloning, card swapping and skimming; as well as identifying and stopping fraud before it takes place. Shell’s dedicated Fraud Management team and ai Corporation have been cooperating to deliver prime fraud detection and prevention functionality across Shell’s fuel card portfolio for almost 10 years.

ai’s Autopilot Machine Learning helps to extend Shell’s fraud monitoring capabilities by maintaining transaction detection strategy effectiveness and optimising anti-fraud systems automatically. When system performance drops, or new fraud patterns are identified, new models and rules are developed, tested, and deployed automatically. This is particularly effective for reducing the impact of fast-moving fraud types. The automated system detects more fraud and increases transaction acceptance, allowing fraud managers to analyse more complex cases and providing value add services to customers.

Piers Horak, Chief Commercial Officer at ai comments, “ai is delighted that Shell Business Mobility has chosen to extend our service and technology collaboration and the protection we offer their fuel card business. Our automated machine learning solutions provide our customers with a secure and reliable solution, allowing their business to focus on their core offering and leave transaction security to us. We look forward to continuing to deliver clear business value to Shell and their Customers across Europe and further afield.”

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