SYKON Capital partners with My First Nest Egg for financial literacy programs

SYKON Capital, a leading wealth and investment management firm, is proud to announce its partnership with My First Nest Egg, a renowned provider of financial education curriculum. This collaboration aims to bring comprehensive financial literacy programs to our local communities, helping empower individuals to make informed financial decisions and help secure their futures.

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As part of this partnership, SYKON Capital will be the first firm in our area to introduce the My First Nest Egg curriculum, designed to educate individuals of all ages on essential financial concepts such as budgeting, saving, investing, and retirement planning. By combining SYKON Capital's experience in wealth management with My First Nest Egg's innovative educational
resources, this initiative seeks to equip our community members with the knowledge and tools they need to help them achieve financial success.

"We are thrilled to join forces with My First Nest Egg to bring this valuable curriculum to our local communities," said Todd Stankiewicz, President and Chief Investment Officer of SYKON Capital. "We feel that financial literacy is a cornerstone of personal and economic well-being, and through this partnership, we are committed to help empower individuals to make sound
financial decisions and help build a more secure future."

The My First Nest Egg curriculum will be made available through various community outreach programs, workshops, and online resources provided by SYKON Capital. This partnership represents a significant step towards promoting financial education and literacy in our area andunderscores SYKON Capital's dedication to delivering innovative solutions that benefit our clients and community alike.

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