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Mike Wolfel

Mike Wolfel CEO at Savana

Beyond the Core: Rethinking the Path to Modernization for Banks

Why banks today must think outside the core and adopt a new approach to transformation initiatives For much of the last decade, banking technology modernization has been viewed through a single prism that continues to fall short of progress in keeping pace with evolving consumer expectations. Today, the industry has reached point where it can no lo...

/retail /predictions Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Horacio Barakat

Horacio Barakat Head of Digital Innovation for Capital Markets at Broadridge Financial Solutions

The Next-Gen Tool for Central Clearing: DLT-Enabled Sponsored Repo

The U.S. Treasury market is about to undergo a trading transformation. The SEC adopted rule changes in December 2023 which will require most cash Treasury and repo trades to be centrally cleared. Centralized clearing will be required for Treasury trades as of the end of December 2025. Repo trades will have until June 30, 2026, for the new regulati...


Serhii Bondarenko

Serhii Bondarenko Artificial Intelegence at Tickeron

Decoding Price Movements: A Trend Analysis Approach for Traders

In the dynamic realm of the stock market, investors and traders constantly seek an edge to predict trends and capitalize on movements before they become common knowledge. With advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), a groundbreaking approach has emerged, offering valuable insights into future market directions. This article delves into the i...

/inclusion /crime Artificial Intelligence

Serter Kazim Solak

Serter Kazim Solak Data Engineer Manager at Yapi Kredi Bank

Data Storytelling with Visualization Tools

According to Gartner Peer Insights Reviews and Ratings, Microsoft (Power BI), Tableau, and Qlik are frequently the industry leaders in analytics and business intelligence platforms. However, how do these top platforms improve the field of data analytics, what distinguishes them, and what are their alternatives? Introduce yourself to the world ...

/wealth /predictions

Steve Sabin

Steve Sabin SVP, Division Executive, Lending at FIS

All change for commercial lending

From macroeconomic shifts to advances in technology, the big drivers of global change continue to have a major impact on the world of commercial lending. And in a pivotal time for the market, three trends in particular are worth your attention. 1. The lending market is generally anemic Persistently high levels of inflation have gradually taken thei...

/markets /predictions Banking and Lending Solutions

Anna Kuzmina

Anna Kuzmina Expert at Fintech

Watching out for Account2Account, Spend Management, and Compliance Tech

The company valuation rating might not be the correct way to understand the leaders but it does paint a picture of the global trends and patterns. Recently, CB Insights published their Global Unicorn Club 2024 edition. In the ‘Financial Services’ section, there is a patchwork of what is happening worldwide. 1. Account2Account Payments Tech & M...

/payments /markets Fintech

Delia Pedersoli

Delia Pedersoli COO at MultiPay Global

How Pay by Bank can supercharge in-store customer experience

Providing exceptional customer experience (CX) is paramount for success for any retailer in today’s difficult climate. As consumer behaviour shifts towards digital channels and convenience becomes increasingly important, retailers must adapt their payment methods in-store to meet these changing expectations and align with online. One such innovati...

/payments /devops The Payments Business

Shawn Conahan

Shawn Conahan Chief Revenue Officer at Wildfire Systems, Inc.

How the Value-Added Services of Loyalty 2.0 Could Help Offset Interchange Revenue Contraction

Interchange revenue constriction for card issuers and banks is likely to result from the settlement between Visa, Mastercard, and U.S. merchants reducing rates and guaranteeing no increases for at least five years. What will happen when the lowered fees take effect? These reductions in interchange fee revenue might ultimately threaten the revenue...

/retail Fintech

Jean-Jacques Le Bon

Jean-Jacques Le Bon Chief Strategy & Product Officer at Vodeno

Five factors that will drive Banking-as-a-Service adoption in 2024

Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) is one of the key trends reshaping financial services, and we’ve only just scratched the surface in terms of the impact BaaS can have across multiple sectors. Between 2022 and 2032, experts forecast that the global BaaS market value will grow more than 5x, rising from $4 billion to $22.6 billion. Why? Primarily because ...

/retail /predictions Embedded Finance

Parth Prafulbhai Sonara

Parth Prafulbhai Sonara Product Manager at BlackRock

What Do Post-Trade investment Operations Entail?

While investors are usually well aware of the process of buying and selling stocks or bonds, the world of post-trade often escapes their attention, if they consider it at all. However, the steps that unfold after a transaction is executed on an exchange or electronic platform hold great significance in ensuring the security of investors and, on a ...

/payments /wholesale Innovation in Financial Services

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