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Antony Fung

Antony Fung Marketing Manager at CJC

DORA – Ensuring Resilience with IT Infrastructure Observability

IT Infrastructure Visibility Is Crucial for DORA Compliance Excerpt: As DORA’s compliance deadline creeps closer, ensuring IT infrastructure resilience has never been as critical. This article highlights the importance of monitoring and observability to understand IT system behaviours and stay ahead of potential issues to avoid costly downtime. D...

/regulation /devops Capital Markets Technology

Sergiy Fitsak

Sergiy Fitsak Managing Director, Fintech Expert at Softjourn

Sustainable Finance: Navigating the Emerging World of Green Fintech

The fintech sector is undergoing a significant transformation, integrating sustainability into its core operations. This shift, known as green fintech, is revolutionizing the way financial services address environmental challenges. Here, we explore the emerging trends, technologies, and innovations driving this change, and highlight key players in...

/payments /retail Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Ruban Phukan

Ruban Phukan CEO & Co-Founder at GoodGist

Enhancing Fintechs long-tail partner enablement with AI

Did you know that 95% of Microsoft's commercial revenue comes from its partner ecosystem? This success hinges on effectively enabling a critical group within that ecosystem: long-tail partners. Long-tail partners refer to a large group that contributes a smaller but still significant portion of the overall revenue of their head company to whom the...

/ai /markets Fintech

Jamel Derdour

Jamel Derdour CMO at Transact365 / Nucleus365

Cross-Border Payments in the UK: Innovation and Efficiency

For the UK, a global financial hub, the future of cross-border payments promises increased efficiency and enhanced security. This article explores the future trends and developments in cross-border payments in the UK, highlighting the driving factors, challenges, and potential impacts on businesses and consumers. Current State of Cross-Border Paym...

/payments /markets Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Nickii Mallia

Nickii Mallia Business Development Manager at Aqubix Ltd - KYC Portal

Best Practices for Implementing a KYC/AML platform in Financial Institutions

In the rapidly evolving financial landscape, implementing a robust KYC/AML platform is paramount for financial institutions. Effective processes not only ensure regulatory compliance but also enhance customer experience and streamline operations. This blog outlines the steps for a successful KYC/AML platform implementation, addresses common challe...

/regulation /crime RegTech

Alex Kreger

Alex Kreger Founder & CEO at UXDA

Celebrating 8 Years as a Finextra Blogger: Thank You for This Journey of Insights and Innovations

As I mark my 8th anniversary as a blogger on Finextra, I am filled with immense gratitude and pride. It's been an incredible journey of sharing knowledge, sparking discussions, and exploring the dynamic world of banking and financial technology. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the Finextra community for your unwavering support, engagement, and i...

/people /retail Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Harsh Daiya

Harsh Daiya Staff Software Engineer at Paypal

Fintech Fraud Prevention Regulatory Hurdles

As a result of the lightning-speed changes in financial technology (fintech), preventing fraudhas become increasingly important. In their bid to deliver the most streamlined and customer-friendly financial services, fintech companies face significant headwinds from fraudulent activities. Regulatory frameworks mold strategies that limit firms while...

/payments /regulation RegTech

Ketharaman Swaminathan

Ketharaman Swaminathan Founder and CEO at GTM360 Marketing Solutions

Bank v. Neobank: Safety Of Money In The Light Of Synapse - Evolve Fracas

Fintech Mafia Carousel Pumping is the circular shilling of one another's financial products and services by a bunch of fintech founders with least regard for truth or consumer interest. I recently came across the following exhibit of Fintech Mafia Carousel Pumping on LinkedIn. ========== Why do some of us trust Barclays or Bank of America more tha...

/regulation /retail

Erica Andersen

Erica Andersen Marketing at smartR AI

Navigating Personal Data in LLMs: A GDPR Perspective

In a recent talk I attended, a legal expert advised against inputting personal data into AI models. But is this blanket statement truly accurate? The reality is far more nuanced, especially when we consider GDPR, the gold standard for personal data protection. This article explores how GDPR intersects with the use of personal information in AI mod...

/ai /security Artificial Intelligence

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