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Period: 22 Jul 2008 - 04 Jul 2024


Swift finds role as global hub for CBDCs and tokenised assets

Financial messaging network Swift has released the results of a trial that allowed digital currencies and assets to flow smoothly alongside, and interact with, their traditional counterparts by bridging between different distributed ledger technology (DLT) networks and existing payment systems


Swift completes tokenised asset experiments

A Swift-led pilot has successfully implemented a common framework linking tokenisation systems between CSD’s and global custodians


Swift builds proof-of-concept for blockchain interoperability

Interbank co-operative Swift is working on a pilot project with Chainlink to provide network interoperability across multiple blockchain platforms.


UniCredit first in Italy to launch the new Swift - Beneficiary Account Pre-validation service

UniCredit continues to innovate in international payments, announcing as the first in Italy the launch of "SWIFT Account Pre-validation" service, which allows enterprises to verify in real time both the existence of a specific beneficiary's account and its operational status.


Swift runs blockchain pilot for corporate actions data

Interbank co-operative Swift is working with Symbiont and seven securities players to trial a blockchain-based corporate actions system.


Wise Platform launches Swift International Receive service

Wise Platform has today launched our newest integration solution, International Receive. From today, customers at partner organisations using International Receive will be able to quickly, easily and affordably receive cross-border payments, even if their bank is not connected to the SWIFT network.

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Dutch astronaut André Kuipers to open Swift Innotribe with keynote speech

The return of this year’s SWIFT Innotribe will begin with a keynote speech from Dutch astronaut André Kuipers.


Swift mines data flows to flag up incorrect payments

Bank-to-bank messaging network Swift has moved to eliminate payments friction by introducing a new capability to flag upfront when a payment may stall because of incorrect payee details,


Bear Grylls to close Sibos

Bear Grylls OBE, one of the most recognised faces of outdoor survival and a champion for sustainability, will be the closing keynote speaker at Sibos 2022.


EBAday 2022: Achieving instant and frictionless cross-border payments

Thierry Chilosi, Chief Executive, Europe, SWIFT, speaks at EBAday 2022 in Vienna, about achieving instant and frictionless cross-border payments. We hear about what is happening in the European payments landscape, SWIFT's role in the future world of cross-border payments and CBDCs.


Swift and CapGemini work on CBDC gateway to existing payment networks

Interbank messaging network Swift is working with Capgemini to explore ways to interlink the multiple domestic-based CBDC networks emerging worldwide with existing payment infrastructures for seamless cross-border payments.


Financial coalition to trial faster cross-border payments between Europe and the US

EBA Clearing, Swift and The Clearing House (TCH) are to run a pilot service for immediate cross-border payments (IXB) with the support of banks from both sides of the Atlantic.


Deutsche Bank report warns of fallout from Russia's Swift ban

Facing criticism for its reluctance to pull out of Russia, Deutsche Bank has published a research report warning that banning the pariah state from Swift will "complicate trade and amplify jitters".


Swift ban extended to Belarus

Three Belarusian banks have been excluded from the Swift financial messaging network as the EU imposes further financial sanctions against warring forces in Ukraine.


EU bans seven banks from Swift network

The European Union has agreed to exclude seven Russian banks from the Swift financial messaging network.


Russian banks to be cut off from Swift

A select group of Russian banks are to be excluded from the Swift financial messaging system as part of a package of new financial sanctions agreed by Western allies.


UK pushes Europe to cut Russia off from Swift

As Russia moves further into Ukraine and sanctions have isolated Russian banks from the rest of the global financial system, depriving the country of vital technology, UK foreign secretary Liz Truss has revealed that the “UK is working with allies to exclude Russia from the Swift financial system.”


Paysera shuts down payments to Russia; Swift exclusion remains off the table

Baltic fintech Paysera is to halt transfers to and from Russia and close accounts of Russian clients in a show of solidarity with Ukraine as it comes under siege from Russian armed forces.


West steps back from imposing Swift ban on Russia

Western governments are no longer considering cutting Russian banks off from the Swift network, Germany's Handelsblatt newspaper reported, citing German government sources.