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Period: 22 Jul 2008 - 04 Jul 2024


Collaboration to Overcome Fragmentation

At Sibos 2023, Stephen Grainger, Chief Executive, Americas & U.K. Region, Swift, discusses how collaborating on standardization, interoperability, and cross-border payments are pushing the financial community to evolve.


CBI expands Name Check coverage across Europe through Swift’s Pre-Validation service

CBI is an Italian company that develops digital services - including open banking and open finance services - for the financial industry and the Public Administration. CBI is expanding its Confirmation of Payee services to the European level and beyond through the use of Swift's Payment Pre-validation service. This collaboration will enable a broader network of verification and a higher level of security for financial services users. At a future date, Italian banks will be able to pre-validate abroad through CBI, implementing a unique “Confirmation of Payee” solution that will seamlessly work domestically and cross-border.


Sibos 2023: Wise and Swift move to put hero-villain narrative to bed

Wise’s new collaboration with Swift could make the money transfer giant’s own app redundant, believes CEO Kristo Käärmann. That’s his objective.


Sibos 2023: Forging a path to global CBDC interoperability

Interoperability was at the centre of Tuesday’s CBDC discussion at Sibos, with the panel investigating how to ensure that these incoming digital currencies will work at the cross-border level.


Greenomy joins Swift partner programme

ESG reporting software provider, Greenomy, has announced its collaboration with Swift to provide ESG data and reporting capabilities to the Swift community.


Sibos 2023: Visa and Swift team up to boost global B2B money movement

Swift and Visa have moved to strengthen the connectivity between their networks in a move designed to streamline international B2B payments.


Sibos 2023: Zumo releases Digital Assets 2023 report

The insights report is the first to comprehensively survey and analyse the emerging areas of opportunity within the global digital asset ecosystem from an enterprise perspective.


Revolut launches Swift challenger RevTag

Revolut Business has launched its instant and free payments ecosystem ‘RevTag’, which aims to challenge Swift in cross-border payments.


Sibos 2023: What’s next for low-value cross-border payments?

The challenges and opportunities associated with low-value cross-border payments was on the agenda at Sibos on Monday as a panel of industry players explored a host of models, from correspondent banking to DLT to interlinked national systems.


Sibos 2023: Swift announces Wise partnership

Swift has announced their collaboration with Wise to increase cross-border payment options for financial institutions and their customers.


Swift begins beta tests of CBDC connector

Interbank co-operative Swift is working with three central banks and 30 financial institutions on beta tests of an experimental method for interlinking central bank digital currencies with existing fiat infrastructures.

The Future of the Global Financial Ecosystem 2024



Swift hails success of blockchain interoperability pilot

Financial messaging network Swift has hailed the results of a project that placed its financial infrastructure as a central point for the transfer of tokenized assets by banks across multiple blockchains.


Swift passes G20 target for cross-border payments processing speed

Swift today announced strong progress toward goals set by the G20 for enhancing cross-border payments, reporting that 89% of transactions processed on its network reach recipient banks within an hour.


Swift pilots instant payments across currency zones

Swift and several international banks have successfully completed the first pilot to process, in a real environment, instant payments between different currency areas.


NY Fed and banks upbeat on digital dollar pilot results

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York says that proof-of-concept run with a host of banks has demonstrated the feasibility of a regulated digital asset settlement platform supported by shared ledger technology.


How ESG and DEI strengthen the drive towards frictionless cross-border payments

Sara Solana, Senior Relationship Manager for Iberia at Swift, speaks at EBAday 2023 about the cooperative’s focus on driving instant and frictionless cross-border transactions. We discuss how DEI and ESG are an integral part of this strategy and what can be done at an industry level to ensure continued progress.


Swift steps up blockchain experimentation

Swift is working with more than a dozen financial institutions and market infrastructures to test the use of its messaging network as a means to instruct the transfer of tokenised value over a range of public and private blockchain networks.


IntellectEU becomes AWS Services Delivery Partner for Swift connectivity

IntellectEU, an innovator in digital finance and emerging technologies, is now an Amazon Web Services (AWS) services delivery partner.


Exploring the advantages of Interoperability in Financial Services

Shriyanka Hore, Managing Director and Product Tribe Lead, Market Infrastructures, MI Communities and Standards Services, Swift, discusses the rising prominence of interoperability in financial services. Offering insights into central bank and market infrastructure initiatives, the challenges and opportunities posed and the future of payments in the industry.