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More generic posts and blogs relating with Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) including Open Banking and PSD2

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Craig Hughes

APIs and the Abstraction of Cars

In 2010, for the first time in history, we registered over a billion passenger cars on our roads, globally. It is estimated that by 2050, there will be 2.5 billion cars on our roads! Clearly, cars ar

09 Nov 2018
Craig Hughes

API Security: Who has the right key?

Everyone has at least one set of keys; don’t they? You can recognize your keys and you make sure you take them wherever you go. Look at each key on your keyring and you know which door or cabinet it

01 Nov 2018
Tolga Tavlas

Apitalism: 3 Deadly Sins to Avoid When Developing and Using Banking APIs

Warren Buffett is a smart role model for many people, including me. Although closely monitoring his insights and steps did not help me to create a fraction of wealth he has; I still cannot deny the fa...

28 Oct 2018
Craig Hughes

API Orchestration or Choreography, what’s your choice?

Have you’ve ever visited India? How did you cope with the traffic there? It’s clearly different to the regular, organized approach we are used to in Europe. After spending a couple of days in Bangalo

17 Oct 2018
Craig Hughes

Should APIs be Pre-made or Deli style?

I was out looking for a sandwich for lunch the other day and found myself faced by two options; I could either go to the convenience store and pick up a pre-made sandwich or go to the deli and have o

10 Oct 2018
Craig Hughes

Most of us think we know what an API is but cannot seem to agree on what an API should be

The general consensus amongst API providers is that we should build reusable APIs, but consumers want more - they want an API that gives them everything they need. These tactics challenge one another

30 Sep 2018

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