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Fintech innovation and startups

Disruption, destruction, harmony and creation; Fintech’s new frontier – a place to discuss the cutting edge of innovation.

Kyle Masterson

Kyle Masterson Head of SHIFT at SHIFT Open Finance Community

SHIFT and Woodhurst Launch Ignite to Support Fintech Founders

London - 22 May 2024 - SHIFT Open Finance, the leading invite-only fintech community in the UK, in partnership with Woodhurst, a digital transformation consultancy, proudly announces the launch of the “Ignite” programme. Ignite is an incubator programme that will provide financial support, financial services expertise, and an extensive industry ne...

/retail /startups

Rajat Deshpande

Rajat Deshpande CEO and Co- founder at FinBox

Small loans, big impact: Digital nano-loans as enablers of financial empowerment

Chik Shampoo’s case study on sachets in the 70s often serves as a playbook to tap into India’s billion people-strong potential. What started as a revolution in FMCG has now transcended industries, even reaching financial services. And one such space in the BFSI subset has managed to gain significant momentum: lending. Sachetised loans, also called ...

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Phil Ashton

Phil Ashton Chief HR Officer at Quant

Adaptable working

The pandemic is thankfully now behind us. Yet, the major conversation around working patterns that it forced onto the table lingers, with firms of all sizes grappling with questions around the benefits of working remotely versus in-office collaboration. Some organisations have issued directives about returning to the office full-time or made the de...


Shawn Conahan

Shawn Conahan Chief Revenue Officer at Wildfire Systems, Inc.

Loyalty: No Longer a Cost Center with the Loyalty 2.0 Framework

Competition among Financial Institutions (FIs) for valuable customers has heated up of late. A slew of challenger banks and other fintechs have taken market share away from once-solid banks, while a shift away from the branch banking model has pushed more consumers online, where new and innovative approaches to customer engagement have made custom...


Lorena Duguid

Lorena Duguid Sharing insights at Intanify

If data is the new oil, why don’t software companies value it?

Many say data is usurping oil as this century's vital resource - but let's dig deeper than the cliché. In today's blog, Intanify's CEO, Dylan Dryden will show you an unexpected connection between software start-ups and oil exploration companies. Here's an exploration of what the hard hats can teach the hoodies. Software startups and oil companie...

/devops /startups

Lorena Duguid

Lorena Duguid Sharing insights at Intanify

The Importance of Intangible Assets in Software Companies

Many of the assets that form the foundations of modern companies are overlooked, especially in the fast-paced world of software development. These assets are the keys to unlocking innovation and efficiency - but the risk of missing out on them is real. Companies that fail to harness their intangible assets risk falling behind in the competitive t...

/startups /markets

Abhinav Paliwal

Abhinav Paliwal CEO at PayNet Systems- A Neo Banking Software Platform

How to Launch a Digital Banking Platform?

Traditional banking is becoming outdated. People are increasingly preferring to conduct everything online, and if your bank does not provide such options, it will fail. This period of transition is also an excellent time to enter the banking industry, which has been dominated by monopolistic firms for many years. What is a Digital Banking Platfor...


Abhinav Paliwal

Abhinav Paliwal CEO at PayNet Systems- A Neo Banking Software Platform

How e-RUPI Works?

It is a voucher-based system aimed to improve the efficiency and transparency of government welfare systems and other benefits. What is e-RUPI? The National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) created e-RUPI, a digital voucher-based payment system. It primarily focuses on targeted welfare payments, allowing for the secure and direct transmission


Abhinav Paliwal

Abhinav Paliwal CEO at PayNet Systems- A Neo Banking Software Platform

Neo Bank Vs Digital Bank: How They Differ

Although the terms "neo bank" and "digital bank" can be used interchangeably, they are not similar. Before we proceed, let us clarify the primary differences between these concepts. The terms "neo banks" and "digital banks" are frequently used together, and their attributes can overlap. The fundamental diff...


Bulent Dal

Bulent Dal Global Director of Strategic Accounts at Paymentology

Banking For All: How Telcos Can Deliver Financial Services to the Masses

The pervasive use of smartphones today has revolutionised the way individuals communicate, interact, and carry out transactions. Advances in connectivity have also led to expectations of superior internet, text and voice services among telco customers. Consequently, mobile network operators (MNOs) face the challenge of preserving profitability as ...

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