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Data Management 101

A community blog about data and how to manage it

Richard Cooke

Richard Cooke UK Business Lead at Keepler Data Tech

Mastering global synchronicity: how your data teams can really add value to your business

We are now living in the Zettabyte Era. Equivalent to a billion terabytes or a trillion gigabytes, it can be difficult to reconcile exactly what a zettabyte of data looks like, but this is very much the currency we are dealing with given the sheer volume of information at our disposal these days. The so-called datasphere only passed the one zettab...

James Whybrow

James Whybrow Head of Financial Services and Insurance at Software AG

The new wave of cost-of-living challenges is here for banks – the time to adapt is now

The cost-of-living crisis isn’t just affecting customers – it is having a massive impact on financial services. Typically, banks are accustomed to navigating disruption and managing risk. Yet, the new wave of challenges sparked by economic permacrisis is forcing banks to adapt their internal processes at speed to keep up with evolving customer dem...

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Retired Member

Retired Member 

Beyond the Monolithic Era – Data as a Product

While organisations have typically survived in data silos for years and with companies having access to more data than ever before in the digital world, data is now recognized as a vital enterprise asset. Thus, there is a scramble to give data its due importance and thus the world has witnessed a surge in Data Management programs, some small and o...

Jonathan Westley

Jonathan Westley Chief Data Officer, Experian UK & EMEA at Experian

Unlocking the UK’s own Silicon Valley

Last month, the Chancellor set out his vision for prosperity in the UK, noting his ambition to turn the UK into “the world’s next Silicon Valley”. He celebrated the UK’s “world beating” fintech sector, praising UK unicorns Monzo and Revolut. The Chancellor is right, the UK does have an opportunity to become a world leader in technology, especially ...


Jamel Derdour

Jamel Derdour CMO at Transact365 / Nucleus365

How harnessing data has spearheaded the payment industry’s growth

There aren’t many sectors that haven’t benefited from the use of data. In fact, the ability to collect, assess and utilise data has allowed many sectors to flourish over the past decade. The fintech industry - and payments specifically - is a shining example of this. It’s hard to comprehend the scale and pace of the innovation that has taken place...

/payments /markets

Ameesh Divatia

Ameesh Divatia Co-founder and CEO at Baffle

Breaking Through Tool Silos With A Data Security Platform

In the absence of a national privacy referendum—similar to the EU’s GDPR—states are taking matters into their own hands with individual privacy laws. As of June 2022, five states—California, Colorado, Connecticut, Utah and Virginia—have passed privacy initiatives. Previously, organizations would need tools from disparate companies to protect their...


Jonathan Westley

Jonathan Westley Chief Data Officer, Experian UK & EMEA at Experian

The skills gap: developing a workforce for the digital age

London Tech Week is back – the UK’s tech flagship event that brings together some of the brightest minds across the industry to discuss the positive role that data and technology can play in our global economy and for our local communities. The experience of Covid-19 has demonstrated the great value of data-driven technology. In many respects, we’v...


Retired Member

Retired Member 

Addressing the ‘Vulnerability Lag’: how financial services companies can safeguard their data assets

The rush to digitally transform over the past two years, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, has left many organisations dangerously exposed to data threats, such as ransomware. When businesses introduce new solutions to their technology stack, protection capabilities need to be extended to cover them. However, faced with a global pandemic...

/security /cloud

Evgeny Sorokin

Evgeny Sorokin SVP at Devexperts

Technology Tips to Help Investment Firms Reduce Market Data Costs

Since the online revolution, we’re collectively flooding the world with unprecedented amounts of digital data. Several years ago it was estimated that by 2020 the amount of information in the digital realm would reach 44 zettabytes. That’s 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes, by the way. A truly astronomical figure, seeing as it’s also forty times...

Jim Steven

Jim Steven Head of Crisis & Breach Response at Experian Consumer Services

Why crisis response preparation is key to business resilience

Organisations face many competing priorities and demands on their resources. But in the wake of the pandemic, the importance of resilience is foremost in the minds of many business leaders. Everyone understands that the ability of a business to respond effectively to a crisis is key to its long-term survival. In the past, businesses understandably ...


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