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Innovation in Financial Services

A discussion of trends in innovation management within financial institutions, and the key processes, technology and cultural shifts driving innovation.

Rebecca Trivella

Rebecca Trivella Director at 3radical

10 best practice examples of gamification in financial services

As gamification continues to grow in popularity, its applications within the financial sector are expanding. It's no longer confined to just a single aspect of customer interaction; it's redefining everything from credit card activation strategies to long-term investment planning. Let’s get into it.👇 Here, we will delve into specific application...

Lorena Duguid

Lorena Duguid Sharing insights at Intanify

The Myth around Software Patents

This week our Head of Knowledge, Marious Georgiou, unpacks one of the UK software industry's biggest myths: all software is excluded from patenting. It's commonly believed that your valuable software product can't be protected by patents, but in this series of articles, we'll explain exactly why that's not true. Read on to find out! While soft...

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Joris Lochy

Joris Lochy Product Manager at Intix | Co-founder at Capilever

The Price Is Right: A Quest for Fairness and Simplicity

In a world marked by high inflation rates, governments are engaged in a race to find ways to compensate citizens for their diminishing purchasing power. Simultaneously, businesses are navigating a complex landscape, searching for strategies to sustain their revenue streams by increasing prices without alienating their customer base. This conundrum...


William Perry

William Perry VP at Medallia

The value of personalisation to today’s Finserv customer

The modern finserv customer has high expectations. Accustomed to the ease of mainstream consumer services, they expect the same levels of experience to be replicated across their financial services journeys. The success of these consumer interactions can be attributed to two key factors. Firstly, the provision of a true omnichannel offering – givin...


Bo Harald

Bo Harald Chairman/Founding member, board member at Transmeri, Demos, Real Time Economy Program,MyData

Our sacred mission

Our sacred trust infrastructure mission the incoming autumn will be to: 1. Make it crystal clear to all organisations (especially the in the public and SMEsectors) and most citizens how immensely services at home and at work, productivity, risk management, privacy and the EU single market can be enhanced when all parties (and many things) will ge...

/inclusion /identity

Rebecca Trivella

Rebecca Trivella Director at 3radical

Driving loyalty through Gamification: How to incentivise cardholder spend

Boosting cardholder spend is at the core of every card issuer's strategy. It's simple – the more a cardholder uses their card with healthy spending habits, the better it is for the issuer. However,traditional methods of are becoming less effective. Leaving card issuers feeling the heat to find better ways to encourage cardholders to use their cards...

Nick Delis

Nick Delis Senior VP of International and Strategic Business at Five9

360 communications: the key to alleviating exhaustion in the insurance industry

Nick Delis, Senior VP of International and Strategic Business, Five9 Insurance companies are working around the clock to meet soaring demand, operating in a high-stakes, high-stress environment. With climate change increasing extreme weather and flooding, and unsolved car thefts above 30,000 in London last year alone, it’s no wonder emotions are ...

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Rebecca Trivella

Rebecca Trivella Director at 3radical

Gamification: When does it make sense for card issuers?

Credit card promotion used to be a straightforward path. Today’s journey is more like a labyrinth. Cardholders need persuading to choose your card, activate it, make their initial purchase, and use it regularly to gain the most advantage. Yet there are many obstacles along the way: Customers have so many choices to pick from that they suffer from ...

Alex Ford

Alex Ford President, North America at Encompass | RegTech Association | Women in RegTech

Why banks need RegTech solutions to succeed

RegTech solutions have become increasingly critical for banks looking to accelerate digital transformation initiatives to power operational efficiency and ultimately, growth. While compliance teams value the speed, accuracy and control that RegTech solutions provide, executives see benefits in the efficiency and scalability that is delivered. I

/regulation /wholesale

Thomas Pintelon

Thomas Pintelon Head of Strategy at Capilever

Tips and tricks for making investment tools more transparent in these high inflation times

In these times of high inflation - significantly higher than interests on savings - investing your excess money (wisely) is crucial to avoid losing purchasing power. Hundreds of books and courses try to introduce the basic concepts of investing and almost all of them mention a few key guidelines that everyone should follow, i.e. Invest according t...

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