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Private Equity Investing in Financial Technology

A community for discussing investments made in financial technology providers by the venture capital and private equity community.

Eliot Hodges

Eliot Hodges CEO at Anduin

Gaining a competitive edge: why GPs need to invest in technology infrastructure now

There's been a lot of chatter over the democratization of the global alternatives markets, and investors of all types are seeking out the private markets. Still, very few people have spoken about the lack of infrastructure standing in the way of a brighter future for all. Bain & Company have issued a piece that sheds light on this critical con...

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Drake Paulson

Drake Paulson VP, Head of Partnership and Client Experience at Anduin Transactions

Automating the Investor Experience: A Win-Win for Private Funds—and for LPs

A smooth subscription process is critical to private market relationships, especially given the current downturn in funding. Yet, manual compliance and onboarding processes are still prevalent at many firms. This not only creates tedious back-office work, it’s costly and ultimately slows down fund growth. Meanwhile, some private equity firms are e...

/wealth /markets

Maryna Chernenko

Maryna Chernenko Managing Director at UFG Capital

Soaring Private Equity Investments in Healthcare and Portfolio Management by Fund Managers

Investments from various sources of funds, from sovereign wealth funds to growth-equity and hedge funds, have been flowing into the healthcare sector driven by high returns, demographic tailwinds, and recession resilience. This is noticeable because of the increased investments of around $151 billion by the private equity firms in the global healt...

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Vivek Pingili

Vivek Pingili Director at ACA Group

Leveraging New Technology for Side Letter and Other Legal Document Management

The private markets fund industries have seen a significant proliferation in both the volume and complexity of side letters over the course of the last decade. Given the long-term nature of investing in the private markets via closed-end structures, where investors are often locked into such vehicles for periods of 10 years or longer, investors h...


Sheza Gary

Sheza Gary Project Strategiest at Self Employed

Is Your Platform Losing Out on Potential Traders

The advent of cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance (DeFi) has been a boon to financial inclusion. These new technologies provide financial service access to people who could not avail of the services of banks and other traditional financial service providers. The popularity of crypto and DeFi has paved the way for the rise of crypto trading,...


Retired Member

Retired Member 

Valuing companies amidst a space race

According to various sources, total funding for space companies reached close to US$6 billion in 2019, raking in hundreds of millions from VC funds over the years. Once considered to be costly and redundant to launch and operate, satellite technology is now 'smart' (not just a data transmission pipe); the benefits of unparallel coverage have been ...

/startups /markets

David Donovan

David Donovan Executive Vice President at Publicis.Sapient

The Digital Paradigm Shift for mid-market Private Equity Firms

In today’s hyper-competitive world, Private Equity (PE) firms need to focus on executing a sustained digital transformation strategy for building a data driven due diligence capability, enhancing operational efficiencies and accelerating top line growth in portfolio companies. PE Firms also need to have a focused approach to attract and retain ski...

Henri Wajsblat

Henri Wajsblat Financial Services Expert at Anaplan

Using technology to drive private equity performance management

Over the last few years, we’ve seen regulatory changes and market volatility impact the business models of financial services firms, particularly private equity funds and investors. For example, private equity funds have had to adjust to new regulatory requirements including the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), Alternative Investment Fu...


Retired Member

Retired Member 

Top five money management tips

Top five money management tips October 2, 2013 The Payments Council has today published a guide - as part of its Pay Your Way campaign - for people affected or concerned by the introduction of Universal Credit. The guide, which includes information about the changes to the benefits system also clearly detai...


Retired Member

Retired Member 

Paperless direct debits

Paperless direct debits to help landlord maximise income through Universal Credit November 7, 2013 In a bid to maximise its income collection ahead of Universal Credit, 10,000-home North Lincolnshire Homes (NLH), part of ongo, has opted to use allpay’s paperless Direct Debit service, allowing it to set-up new instructions over the phone and providi...

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