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Exposing Financial Crime

Criminals are smart, and detection capabilities need to be smarter and always adapting to stay one step ahead. Time to drive out pointless investigations and finding true malignancies hidden from existing rules and machine learning techniques. Join us for conversations and articles on how to refocus financial crimes investigations into actually stopping crime.

Helena Wood

Helena Wood Head of Public Policy at Cifas

Driving the next generation of fraud reforms

With a General Election announced for 4 July, now is the perfect time for a stock take on the progress made over the past decade in relation to tackling fraud. For the most part, this was a decade in which fraud felt like the Cinderella of the criminal justice system; a crime neglected by politicians and police alike while other crime types receiv...

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Shiv Nanda

Shiv Nanda Content Strategist at

Common Reasons Why PEP Screening Checks are Important?

Considering the highly dynamic nature of world politics and AML regulations pertaining to PEP screening and dealing with them PEP checks are becoming more of a challenging task rather than simply being a regulatory requirement to ensure business safety and security against the risks of money laundering, corruption and other crimes of similar natur...

Micheal Sheehy

Micheal Sheehy Chief Compliance Officer at Payoneer

How to Combat the Looming Threat of DPRK Fincrimes

A joint advisory notice was issued to alert the international community, private sector, and the public, regarding the increased attempts by DPRK and DPRK IT workers to obtain employment as non-DPRK nationals. The impact of these attempts is far reaching, inundating freelancer platforms and introducing additional financial crimes risk on payment ...

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Grant MacDonald

Grant MacDonald Director of Financial Crime at Experian

Uniting against financial crime: the crucial role of data sharing

Financial crime poses a serious threat to the UK economy, costing billions annually and undermining financial stability. The National Crime Agency estimates that the cost of money laundering in the UK stands at anything between £36 billion and £90 billion, costing an eye-watering £290 billion to the economy – it’s clear that action is crucial. Thi...


Silvija Krupena

Silvija Krupena Director of FIU at RedCompass Labs

Like Meta, banks have a responsibility to tackle online child sexual exploitation

Following National Child Exploitation Awareness Day, it is important to note that the online child sexual exploitation (CSE) model has shifted with social media. What we once thought could only take place in faraway lands is now also happening under our noses in our neighbourhoods. In North America and Europe, we are seeing an alarming increase i...

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Helena Wood

Helena Wood Head of Public Policy at Cifas

Tackling money mule abuse of the financial sector – no place to hide

Money laundering is the lifeblood of organised criminals – put simply, without the ability to move and convert criminal proceeds into “clean” money to fund further crime and the lavish lifestyle criminals aspire to, organised crime gangs cease to function. It has long been known that organised fraud gangs rely heavily on the use of networks of so-c...

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Michiel Droogsma

Michiel Droogsma Senior Manager at Valcon

The answer to solving financial crime lies in data

Financial institutions are engaged in a constant battle to fight money laundering, bribery, fraud, terrorist financing and corruption and adhere to sanctions levied against countries and individuals. And financial crime takes a massive toll – it puts global financial systems at risk, it negatively impacts economic growth and causes massive losses ...

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Greg Woolf

Greg Woolf CEO at Fiverity

Beyond The Blackbox: Elevating Fraud Detection with Transparent Risk Scoring

Technology has a vital role to play as financial institutions fight back against fraudulent activity, which continues to grow—Alloy's Annual State of Fraud Benchmark Report, 91% of respondents said that fraud rates have increased at their organization year-over-year. While solutions are available that help identify fraud, many lack visibility in...

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Naomi Grossman

Naomi Grossman Learning and Content Manager at VinciWorks

Rough Diamonds: Is that really how money laundering works?

‘Rough Diamonds’, the recent television series that delves into the world of money laundering across Europe, depicts a world where criminals try to hide the illicit origins of their funds through different financial transactions. It involves the diamond industry in Antwerp, Albanian mobsters, London drug dealers, dirty money, and star-crossed love...

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Retired Member

Retired Member 

15 years since Madoff and our obsession with financial crime continues

Can you believe it’s been 15 years since the Madoff scandal was uncovered? 15 years since the global financial crash. In fact, it was that incident that signalled the end for Bernie Madoff, the financial sociopath, who – under the guise of being a successful co-founder of the NASDAQ and one of the most successful stockbrokers on Wall Street – cunn...

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