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Matt Cockayne

3 ways banks and wealth managers are adopting Embedded Wealth today (and why only one is delivering)

Such has been the stratospheric growth of embedded finance over the last 10 years, it was perhaps always inevitable that it would sprout new limbs and infiltrate other areas of money management from l...

20 Sep 2022
Harrison Smith

What if FinTech Product Management Started by Saying Yes?

The first principle you learn as a Product Manager is a simple one: how to say no. Steve Jobs famously said “I’m actually as proud of the things we haven’t done as the things we have done. Innovation ...

19 Sep 2022
Ansgar Holtmann

Fintech and insurance – a dream team

When a forecast on the development of the embedded insurance market appeared in December 2020, an outcry went through the industry. The prediction: the potential market value of companies that enable...

18 Aug 2022
Rob Straathof

Instagram has launched ‘payment in chat’: what does this mean for online merchants?

Last month it was announced that Instagram is introducing a ‘payments in chat’ feature, where users can purchase products from businesses and track orders via the direct message function. Initially be...

17 Aug 2022
Penny Townsend

Breaking Through The Noise: A Seamless Customer Experience is Key to Success

Processing payments is complicated. It’s even more so with outdated and disconnected software vendors and processes, keeping payment data fragmented and prolonging the challenge to incorporate, offer,...

06 Jul 2022
Helghardt Avenant

The embedded finance opportunity for marketplaces and gig-platforms

The US will have more than 86 million gig workers by 2027, and 50% of online spending will take place on marketplaces by 2030. In Europe, 28 million workers are active on gig-platforms and this is ...

21 Jun 2022
Jelle Van Schaick

Community Banking 2.0: Why Should Neobanks Focus on Niche Markets?

The banking industry is undergoing a material shift in how businesses and consumers bank with an explosion of new alternative offerings. One of the most interesting phenomena that is developing as par...

25 May 2022
Sergio Barbosa

Big competition from non-banking brands coming soon

Most shareholders of traditional banks continue to focus on the more obvious indicators when assessing value. However, brand value is fast becoming an important measurement, especially when that brand...

18 May 2022
Jelle Van Schaick

What Is Banking as a Service And Why Should You Care

The financial services industry has rarely seen change as dramatic as it has in the past decade. The emergence of FinTech companies, the necessity to create smarter and more efficient technology, and ...

10 May 2022
Jelle Schaik

How To Choose a Banking as a Service Platform Provider?

When it comes to Banking as a Service (BaaS), there are a number of different platforms and providers to choose from. So how do you decide which one is right for your business? In this article we prov...

04 May 2022

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