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Cloud Banking out of the Box

Cloud and Open banking platforms, business model and operational approach tests.

Alex Malyshev

Alex Malyshev CEO at

Hybrid Cloud in Banking: Is Combining a Public Cloud and Own Data Center Worthwhile?

Today, cloud computing is a crucial component of the banking and financial services industry. The American Bankers Association estimates that more than 90% of financial institutions use cloud solutions for some or all of their banking activities. However, despite the widespread use of cloud computing in fintech, most banks are still hesitant to tr...

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Chris Smith

Chris Smith Head of Financial Services at Citrix

How Banks can Meet Expectations in a Hybrid World

When the government lifted its work-from-home guidance, large banks and insurers were among the first to announce plans to return to the office. HSBC and Standard Chartered both asked staff to come back within days of the guidance being revoked, with Citigroup following closely behind. While some debated whether the move would have a negative impa...

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Dhiraj Sharma

Dhiraj Sharma Senior Consultant at TCS

Hybrid Cloud : Laying the foundation for using public cloud at your data centers

The cloud has become an important part of the banking landscape, with an increasing number of banks migrating to it to reap the benefits. However, neither a private nor a public cloud can fully meet the unique needs of financial institutions. The journey to cloud adoption for banking and insurance service providers cannot be completed unless the c...

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Boris Bialek

Boris Bialek Field CTO, Industry Solutions at MongoDB

Building banking for the future based on the right tech

Banking used to be a somewhat stagnant, hyper-conservative industry that seemingly took aeons to evolve. However, in recent years, the banking world has seen a huge shift due to pressure coming in multiple directions. Customers are demanding more from institutions and nimble new competitors are pushing the limits of what is possible. Because of th...

/cloud /devops

David Bomser

David Bomser Head of U.S. Core Banking & Mortgage at SAP Fioneer

Core Banking Can Be Deployed Successfully in the Cloud and Community Banks Should Cheer

The mainstream acceptance of the cloud as a practical deployment option presents new opportunities for financial services institutions, especially for community banks. A decade ago the cloud was reserved for edge applications like CRM and HR, but today deposits and lending solutions can be offered effectively, efficiently, and securely in the clou...

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Muhammad Faizan Siddiqui

Muhammad Faizan Siddiqui Head of Strategy at Wavetec

Why Do Organizations Need a Cloud Strategy?

Everyone in the tech space is aware of cloud services’ role in fostering innovation and adoption of technology-based solutions, and the benefits they offer to the businesses embracing it. Under market demand or internal push, there’s now an urgency, especially for ISVs, to adopt cloud services. Because it’s not just a matter of competitive advanta...

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Boris Bialek

Boris Bialek Field CTO, Industry Solutions at MongoDB

Multi-cloud: balancing the cloud concentration regulation risk with the innovation reward

Regardless of size and business mix, most financial institutions have come to understand how cloud and multi-cloud computing services can benefit them. There are cost benefits when it comes to scale, deploying new services and innovating. There are security and resiliency benefits that can be difficult and expensive to replicate on-premises, espec...

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Boris Bialek

Boris Bialek Field CTO, Industry Solutions at MongoDB

The Time is Now For Payments Data Monetisation

In today’s global economy, everything is driven by data. More specifically, payment data and analytics which is at the core of driving commerce modernisation forward. With the global digital payment market valued at nearly $69 billion in 2021, payment data monetisation is critical for enterprises to leverage as they face margin pressure and custom...

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Peter Kennedy

Peter Kennedy Partner and Cloud Lead at Capco

When It Comes to the Cloud, Practice Makes Profits

In a crucial shift, the cloud is moving from an efficiency play to a growth driver. Financial services leaders cite increased future revenues (62%) and improved future profitability (52%) as leading reasons to deploy cloud technologies, according to a fresh analysis of a Wipro FullStride Cloud Services study conducted by Capco. Wipro FullStride C...

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Anna Serebryannikova

Anna Serebryannikova Senior Account Director at DataArt

Why build payment infrastructure in the cloud? Examining the pitfalls and best practices

Given its ability to fuel innovation through flexible resource distribution and scalable systems, the cloud will be the future of payments. In this article we will discuss the advantages of moving payment solutions to the cloud, as well as the possible pitfalls you need to look out for and the best practices to observe. Advantages of cloud-nati...

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