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This is for discussion and sharing of views on trends, practices and views in analytics in banking and financial industry

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Zandra Moore

Why every Fintech should think about data from the beginning

Fintech is a lucrative sector right now, and it’s expected to grow to $31.5 trillion by 2026. No wonder startups want to get in on the action. However, it’s also one of the most challenging niches to...

21 Nov 2022
Sergio Barbosa

Unlocking the power of hyper-personalisation to build more relevant banks

Real-time data and AI have made it possible to deliver curated content, services and products designed for individual customers, but many banks are unable or unwilling to embrace the opportunity offer...

09 Sep 2022
Sushama Divekar

The Interrelationship between Data Governance and Data Quality

Introduction Data is the new buzzword. And Data Quality is on every conversation chart of organizations who are struggling with a humongous amount of data and are at a loss on how to manage it. While ...

05 Sep 2022
Johnny Steele


It’s well-known that the pandemic accelerated digital adoption in many sectors, including financial services – but our research reveals just how quickly banks rose to the challenge. As many as 93 per ...

24 Aug 2022
Paul Fermor

Foundations for continuously improving customer experience

Like many industries pursuing innovation, banking and financial services often gravitate to hot topics such as decentralised and sustainable finance, super apps, or some aspect of the metaverse. While...

11 Aug 2022
Victor Kupcis

Create your data-driven economic value – don't let complexity lead you to complications

It's amazing how you can have a lot of information but gain no insight... #dataanalytics should be about bringing people and data together so they can innovate. What do I mean? The DRIP* syndrome i

22 Jul 2022
Peter Plochan

Improving Climate Risk Forecasting

Covid, the war in Ukraine and inflation have created an unprecedented, uncertain and volatile environment that firms now need to navigate. However, one of the biggest challenges has yet to fully mater...

24 May 2022
Joan McGowan

Banking as a Service (BaaS): Opening new revenue opportunities for banks

What's BaaS? A flock of sheep or another annoying but potent banking acronym? BaaS is a way to modernize and grow the banking industry. It is about an open financial services ecosystem and the API orc...

18 Oct 2021
Steve Morgan

AI can make customers love, not loathe, their bank in tough financial times

Of all institutions, banks are at the forefront of sensing and encouraging the financial resiliency of their customers. They have clear insights into the state of an individual’s financial balance, sp...

07 Oct 2021
Abhinav Paliwal

How Engagement Module help Neo Banks

It could be 5 - 25% more expensive to acquire new customers than to retain existing ones. New customers have to go through your entire customer acquisition funnel before becoming a customer, which i

02 Jul 2021

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