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Scaling New Heights: How Latin American Fintechs are Pioneering Global Financial Innovation

19 Sep 2023

It is no secret that Fintech is booming across Latin America. The three largest economies —Brazil, Mexico and Argentina—, boast of extremely innovative players in a wide range of activities, including neobanks, loan originators, prepaid card providers, ecommerce fulfilment services and others. The dynamic economies of Colombia, Peru, Chile and Urug...


Treasury Technology

Fintechs and the Ecosystem Economy: The Role of Currency Management

05 Jul 2023

The breakneck performance of leading technology stocks this year is widely attributed to macroeconomic factors such as receding inflation expectations and a pause in short-term interest rate increases in the United States. But here's another possible explanation: investors are rallying —no pun intended— around the new Ecosystem Economy. This emer...

Embedded Finance

The Currency Revolution in Embedded Finance

25 May 2023

Embedded finance, the placing of a financial product or service in a non-financial platform, is quickly changing the global economic landscape. According to Bain Capital, financial services embedded into software platforms will exceed $7 trillion by 2026 in the United States alone. Consultants McKinsey, in turn, foresee revenues of about $20 bill...