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Financial Transformation

Top tips for firms complying with sanctions regulations

02 Nov 2022

Sanctions and AML professionals have been in a tailspin this year. The sanctions environment has become much more challenging for banks and other financial institutions due to the war in the Ukraine and the ensuing sanctions against Russian organisations and individuals, contributing toward what was already a complex sanctions landscape. Added to ...

Banking Regulations

Top challenges in complying with sanctions regulations

13 Oct 2022

The sanctions environment has become a whole lot more challenging in recent months. It’s not just the war in Ukraine and the swingeing changes that have been made to sanctions regulations in light of the conflict. In the UK, the FCA has recently advertised its new reporting mechanism for sanctions breaches and deficiencies, as well as bolstering ...

Banking Regulations

Sanctions and how they affect firms – the current state of play

05 Oct 2022

Sanctions are a massively complex area. But all too often, financial institutions think sanctions adherence is fairly straightforward – it’s just checking a list to ensure an individual or company doesn’t appear on it, right? Wrong. Sanctions are far more multi-dimensional and nuanced than that. The UK implements a range of sanctions regimes throug...