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Mete Feridun

Regulation of Digital Finance: What does the EU Regulation of Markets in Crypto-Assets (MiCA) mean?

Digital finance has no doubt transformed the traditional way of providing banking and financial services, enabling greater access to financial services, offering wider choice and increasing efficiency...

5 h
Blockchain Geek
Akshaya Chandra

Underwriting 4.0

They say permanence in life is flux itself. It is more true now in 2022, in a world coming out of the throes of a Global pandemic, into a War situation and possibly at the face of a Economic recession...

6 h
Innovation in Financial Services
Luigi Wewege

Offshore Investment Benefits That Come with Obtaining Dual Citizenship

Some believe they can only hold citizenship in one nation. In some cases, that's true. Not all nations allow their citizens to enjoy this status. But in nations that do, it’s worth the time and effort...

06 Aug 2022
Alternative Investments
Philipp Pieper

ESMA's crypto preparations, Ether 'flips' Bitcoin; Aave's stablecoin

Despite us moving into a traditionally quiet time of year, the world of crypto is still undergoing key changes in terms of market dynamics as well as regulation. I reflect on three key developments be...

05 Aug 2022
Chermaine Hu

Transforming Payment Platforms

As customer expectations evolve with the times, so does the way we conduct our payments. The arrival of a new financial ecosystem means that companies we may not have associated before with financial ...

05 Aug 2022
Raymond Hsu

How does blockchain drive change in e-commerce and payments?

According to the latest survey conducted by PMNTS and BitPay, 85% of businesses are adopting crypto payments to find and gain new customers. As an alternative payment system built on the blockchain l...

05 Aug 2022
Blockchain in Banking and Financial Services
Uday Akkaraju

A Call to Action for Banks: Link Financial Health With Your Services

Let’s start with the good news. The US economy is slowly recovering from the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The bad news: About two-thirds of US Americans are still struggling with the

05 Aug 2022
Consumer Financial Health
Rodrigo Zepeda

Crypto Analysis Case Study - ‘Three Arrows Capital’: PART IV

By Rodrigo Zepeda, CEO, Storm-7 Consulting Introduction In Part IV of this ‘Three Arrows Capital’ (3AC) Case Study, we will set out an analysis of the reasons why I believe that the Monetary Authorit

04 Aug 2022
Cryptocurrency Insights
Mindaugas Mikalajūnas

5 things online sellers should consider before chasing venture capital

Coming up for three decades after Amazon was founded, there is still plenty of scope for new ecommerce brands — retail and B2B — to enter the market and build global scale businesses. In 2021 online ...

04 Aug 2022
Digital Sales
Ed Whitehead

SCA’s success is pushing account takeover fraud to new heights

While strong customer authentication (SCA) enforcement is still in its early days, it’s already clear that the more robust identity requirements are better protecting ecommerce checkout from fraudster...

04 Aug 2022
Maria Schuld

Developing a revenue strategy to counter fee income pressure

Revenue pressure grows Bankers are under relentless financial pressure now accelerated by the economic slowdown, regulatory attention to overdraft charges, and decisions by larger banks to waive opera...

03 Aug 2022
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Alexander Morsakov

How to get through challenging times by applying principles from ancient stoic philosophy

„Be like the cliff against which the waves continually break; but it stands firm and tames the fury of the water around it.“ — Marcus Aurelius The FinTech industry is experiencing some difficult times...

03 Aug 2022
Fintech World