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More generic posts and blogs relating with Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) including Open Banking and PSD2

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Trent Bigelow

7 Unique Features 1099 Workers Expect From Their Bank

If freelancers created a banking app that met their unique needs, what would it look like? We all see the commercials for banks advertising "new ways of banking," yet their innovations seem ...

11 Mar 2022
Jacob Ideskog

Securing the API Economy

The digitalisation of business operations is continually changing, but some clear trends have emerged. It is now common for big businesses to employ multi-cloud strategies, bringing in third party tec...

10 Feb 2022
Tom Ainsworth

Disrupting API integrations and pushing Financial Services hypergrowth with market networks

For the past twenty or so years, market networks have been one of the most disruptive and powerful wealth-creating engines in the global economy. The benefits of bringing together two sides of a fragm...

21 Jul 2021
Abhinav Paliwal

API integrations is the only way forward for financial institutions

API integration is and why is the way forward for financial Integrating new applications into the existing IT infrastructures is a pain for banks. They use 1000 unique applications; however, only 29% ...

10 Jul 2021
Ryan Clifford

Getting personal with APIs to unlock lending

Lending money is a risky business. The biggest challenge for any lender is how to balance service (the drive to serve as many customers as possible) with risk (the possibility of a customer defaulting...

13 Aug 2020
Ryan Clifford

Building for transparency and sustainability in finance

Financial products have a reputation for being difficult to understand when it comes to both terminology and functionality for everyday consumers. Customers often have to deal with an abundance of arc...

05 Aug 2020
Ryan Clifford

Why communities naturally reduce financial risk

Sometimes an idea is so good that everyone has it at once. One such idea is the ROSCA - a rotating savings and credit association - known as ekub in Ethiopia, cundinas in Mexico, tanomoshiko in Japan ...

01 Jun 2020
Ryan Clifford

It’s not all about functionality: the importance of UX in B2B finance applications

In 2001, Silicon Valley superinvestor Marc Andreessen declared that software was eating the world. Recent years have borne this out, with digital B2C tools now shaping the ways we travel, eat, and ev...

22 May 2020
Ryan Clifford

How APIs can help families plan their finances

Data modelling and machine learning (ML) offers a tantalising possibility - that by gathering enough data inputs you can predict what will happen in the future based on current information. ML models ...

11 May 2020
Konrad Litwin

Why open banking standards mean a security-first approach to API management is needed

The UK’s own Open Banking Standards and the European Payment Services Directive current wave (PSD2) are both indications that a more open approach to transactions between financial services institutio...

25 Nov 2019

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