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Matt Davies

Consumer Duty: the golden opportunity to make UK financial services work for immigrants?

A quiet revolution has been taking place at the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). It’s called Consumer Duty. In a campaign to become (in its own words) more ‘assertive and data-led’, the UK regulato...

04 Oct 2022
Prema Varadhan

Why the future of banking is composable

Today’s big banks face multiple challenges. Consumers expect the same sort of digital convenience from their banks as they get from other experiences. Regulators agree, and have made it easier for new...

30 Sep 2022
Christopher Colley

Are you organized for CX success?

Financial institutions have come a long way on the path to customer centricity. Many have made significant efforts to challenge an ingrained actuarial mindset. For some, it has even been a journey to ...

28 Sep 2022
Mykyta Grechyna

The United States Crypto Regulation Framework

On 16 September 2022, the White House has published draft of the regulation framework for the cryptocurrency industry. It was a result of President Biden's executive order directing the US governmenta...

27 Sep 2022
Rajagopalan Thiruvenkatachari

Why Modernize Mainframe

​If the 1994 prediction were to come true, year 2022 would be 28th year of extinction of IBM Mainframe. But in contrast, mainframes are continuing their service and MIPS demand is growing. It contin

26 Sep 2022
Noel Prince Moses V

Strategy for IBM i modernization in BFSI technology landscape

Abstract There are strong recommendations for IBM i applications to be modernized or migrated to a futuristic platform and there is strong hesitation too which drives the anti-migration sentiment. Thi...

22 Sep 2022
Ivan Nevzorov

Crypto Market 2023-2024. How will it Change?

Since 2016, being a law student at that time, I have become interested in the topic of cryptocurrencies and their development. The technology and goals were impressive! I started reading more scientif...

20 Sep 2022
John Bertrand

Justice for APP Fraud scams

Who should be liable for the monies being scammed out of bank accounts using faster payments? (Authorised Push Payment Fraud: APP Fraud) v Money scammed from bank accounts 2018 to 2021: £1,840 m...

19 Sep 2022
Bhumit Shah

Cloud and how it can pivot your Business ?

The Best Benefits Of Optimizing Your Cloud Investment The cloud is a rapidly changing ecosystem and optimizing a cloud environment can be difficult, but the benefits are well worth it. Optimized envir...

18 Sep 2022
Frederic De Melker

Redefining Purpose, five reasons why senior banking executives can't overcome the digital age challe

Lack of Knowledge Lack of Experience Strategies without purpose Ignoring the new customer-centric reality A disconnect with a new generation of talent (Connect with the author, Frederic de Melker:

14 Sep 2022

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