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Thiago Arimas

An Effective PancakeSwap Clone Script to Enhance Your Business Revenue

Imagine if you could earn active income with your decentralized exchange. Does that sound interesting to you? Then you might want to take a look at PancakeSwap. What exactly that is and what opportuni...

31 Jul 2022
Ivan Aleksandrov

Application for a Payment or E-Money Institution licence: the main parameters regulators consider

Before applying for a Payment Institution (PI) or Electronic Money Instituion (EMI) licence, you should earnestly assess your chances by taking a look at your company through the eyes of the regulator...

21 Jul 2022
Dynshaw Italia

The modern CFO: Why it’s their time to lead technology transformations

Environmental concerns, economic turbulence, the cost-of-living crisis, and global trade issues are just some of the macro issues businesses are facing today. In this uncertain environment, the challe...

21 Jul 2022
Jordan Glazier

Cashback Rewards Programs Come of Age

There was a time not too long ago when banks gave out toasters to attract customers, retailers rewarded shoppers with redeemable stamps, and credit card companies gave out, well…new credit cards. Then...

20 Jul 2022
Chermaine Hu

Converging old and new payment methods

As the world continues to transition to a mobile-first and online payments world, several solutions have since entered the market to accelerate this move. From digital wallets to cryptocurrency, payme...

20 Jul 2022
Richard Price

A rapid response to ESG pressures

Financial institutions are well aware of the importance of transparency around risk. They need to be ready at any moment to respond speedily to regulatory requests, able to demonstrate at the press of...

19 Jul 2022
Nick Green

Can Fintechs find cost savings hidden in plain sight?

Cost savings for fintechs have always been important but in the current economic climate and in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become increasingly important to save costs where possible. Fi...

14 Jul 2022
Colin Neil

Why now is the time for retailers to accelerate digital transformation plans

Today’s operating environment for retailers is incredibly challenging. Covid cases are increasing, the cost of living is affecting shopper habits and experiences in the supply chain and impact on infl...

05 Jul 2022
Chermaine Hu

Futureproofing payments technology

Despite being around since the 20th century, card payments are set to grow at just 4% per year between now and 2030. Why? Because there are new ways to pay. Whether its Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) or ...

30 Jun 2022
Yulia Gavrilova

The Impact of Fintech Revolution on Banking

Banks play a crucial role in the financial system, so it’s necessary to timely assess the risks and opportunities that Fintech solutions actually represent for them. The Fintech revolution is often s...

29 Jun 2022

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