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Revolut loses more senior UK compliance execs
A Finextra Member

A Finextra member

  Interesting developments - Compliance and regulatory issues seem to be causing problems that are imploding on the team at Revolut.... as the media has it: "Some speak of a new maturity in Storonsky, who’s been criticized before for a toxic and target-obsessed work culture."   https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2022-05-06/revolut-33-billion-banking-app-wants-to-play-in-the-big-league
GoCardless and Plaid launch VRP offering ahead of CMA sweeping deadline
Ketharaman Swaminathan

Ketharaman Swaminathan

  Article mentions "between their accounts" many times. Can someone confirm that these accounts can be at different banks? Or is VRP restricted to multiple accounts within the same bank? When I was in UK, my bank did not support either whereas banks in India have been supporting the latter for decades (but, AFAIK, still don't support the former.)
Insider trading case revives tussle between SEC and Coinbase over securities
Ketharaman Swaminathan

Ketharaman Swaminathan

  Grewal v. Grewal. Not since Kramer versus Kramer have I come across the plaintiff and defendant with the same name. Since the movie about divorce case, same surname was a given. Given the identical last names, Finextra might want to use full names while attributing quotes to the two Grewals. The last one, attributed to Grewel (sic), will particularly benefit from the full name.  
Application for a Payment or E-Money Institution licence: the main parameters regulators consider
Gustav Korobov

Gustav Korobov

  Thanks for sharing, Ivan!
Stephen Elam

When Smart Contracts Go Wrong

Stephen Elam - Partner - Cooke Young & Keidan