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Bio Brining the worlds first liquidity network, to financial institutions globally Career History Started as a software developer and have moved through IT for over 20 years. Founded a number of technology and FinTech start-ups, and am a founding member of both RTGS & ClearBank

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Agile Series: Getting out of the way

04 Aug 2022

As a leader in more than just technology, we must know when to get out of the way of our teams and colleagues. All too often, I see leaders who want to build high functioning teams and yet they micro-manage; impose far too many decision-making restrictions and place too much value in their own beliefs and experiences. The following tips will direc...

Agile Series: Diversity of thought

30 Mar 2022

Diversity is a big issue, one that challenges most organisations, and with ESG becoming increasingly important, it is becoming hard for regulated institutions to hide from their responsibilities. Now I personally don’t see it as a responsibility, I see diversity, and by that, I mean all aspects of diversity, as an opportunity to do things better, ...

Agile Series: Building infrastructure

29 Sep 2021

Recently I have been approached by a few people that agree with all my previous posts on agile, however, at the same time they question how it can work when it comes to building infrastructure. I get asked this because many will say, “surely at you're not following agile to build out the underlying infrastructure?” Now when I say infra...

Agile series: Evolved roadmaps

08 Jul 2021

In my last post within this series, I looked at roadmaps and how to build them in an agile environment. In this post I will share with you more the type of roadmaps I like to build. Following on from my last post, I received lots of questions around “dates” and maintenance of the roadmap, and while there are many ways to “skin a cat” as they say, ...

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CMA unveils recommendations for future of Open Banking

  The UK has done a great job in pushing Open Banking forward. The challenge now is expanding its appeal to us the customer, while also expanding into the world of Open Finance.  The big challenges though are still there, costs for the banks, ensuring the banks infrastructure delivers open banking experiences which are in-line with customers coming directly to the bank. Here challenger banks architecture, or those banks that utilise a mature BaaS play, have a massive advantage, since they follow more modern IT architecture patterns. But this will not be enough. Modern IT system (brought about by Cloud principles) don't have direct API connections between entities or domains. Yet here, we are actively promoting an approach which is now quite dated, adds massive overhead from a technology point of view (testing, maintenance, version control) that all adds costs. The approach also doesnt truely put the customer at the centre of the experience, after all the customer is handing out access tokens to third parties, which are directly communicating with each other at that point - when really the data should be flowing through me, the user.  Open finance has to start embracing event based models, models that are driven by the customer themselves - only then will we be able to move to a simplified and yet immensinle more powerful Open Banking and Open Finance world. Kill APIs if we want Open Finance – FinTechAndrew – The blog (