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Job switchers are earning a lot more money

05 Aug 2022

You might love your job, but does it love you back? One of the hardest things to reconcile about a role you’ve been in for a while is trying to have your value recognised in terms of getting a salary increment. Plenty of people need pay rises right now. In the UK, incomes are failing to keep up with the cost of living as inflation rises. Currently ...

Coping with work in a post-layoff environment

22 Jul 2022

This year’s round of hiring slowdowns, freezes, and layoffs within the tech sector haven’t just affected those who have lost their jobs. The employees left behind have in many cases had to pick up the pieces as projects get dropped, headcounts are culled and belts tighten across companies. So far, fintech, crypto and real estate have taken the bru...

4 ways HR strategies can help fintechs succeed

27 May 2022

In a rapidly scaling fintech, at the scrappy startup stage, when there’s a huge amount at stake and an even bigger amount of other startups in the sector competing for VC funding, the most talented staff as well as customers, it can be really easy to kick some things down the road. Like onboarding a HR department, for example. But getting this pie...